posted on November 14, 2012 at 4:46 pm

king o’percussion

i still dont really know what music is

why it captures us so completely

i put together bits n pieces

suddenly a bass line turns into a song

suddenly a song turns into a good song

with my new album i have no real intent

i’m not trying to do this or that

i am just going wherever the wind blows the music to

there i will follow

in cool groves of brittle fender mustangs i will lay me down

in the valley of jazz bass i fear no evil

oh muse may you never desert me….!

here a song there a song everywhere a song song

whats the secret of it?

just boring old perseverance

plus enough madness to do it

but enough sanity to not run off the rails with it

and a sturdy constitution

and just remain a child forever

we are conduits we are channels

where is it all coming from

i am abashed at the audacity of the creative force

it reveals itself openly to me

i am baffled with choice as to what to do

the force says i am the source

the source says you were born to do everything my son


pick up that axe and go forth n make a new record

as you always did and always must do

yeah yeah of course , source

no youre off course says the source

pick up that axe and rock !

a metaphor the pick axe and rock

i chop away at this wall of silence

when i finish i dragged a song( i know you’ll love) back with me

everything is vibrating with possibility now

i aint no mozart i aint no bach

but i perceive music now so much differently

i see an inner working

i see a way to milk music forever and instead of depleting it

it grows richer still

the more you take the more music gives

the more you give music the more you can take

i do not know music inside out

that is impossible anyway

in most areas of music i’m pretty ignorant

this is what i am good at tho

this and pretty much only this:

a guitar a 12 string ac guitar a bass a keyboard some drum thing

a mic a multitracking thing…thats it

i can combine and recombine these elements endlessly

i can never dry up

even my most mediocre songs are still …i dunno…ok..(!?)

so cocky i am i start up

i pick an instr.

and usually the first thing i do is the thing

the thing that becomes the song eventually

i dont usually sit there casting round for ideas

although sometimes i do

i have an instinct for building up layers

layers that one must have faith will develop

this is my thing

i spent umpteen years doing it between about 77 and into the nineties

then i had a long rest

now back into it

it sounds like all my solo records i guess

its impulsive and imperfect

its rocknroll with all the sloppiness and rampant ego

me playin’ everything? why not?

it aint rocket science surgery mister thats for sure

this is what im good at

everybody good at something right?

well this is what i can do best

invent these songs just for the fun of it

i have no attachment to the result

i dont care who loves em hates em or never gets to hear em

i do this for the love of doing it

like building model planes or something

i build little songs

i glue em all together and i hang em off the sky

some of its hard work believe it or not

engineering n getting caught up in cables

and wondering why certain things arent working etc etc

it can be frustrating n lonely work

but usually its enthralling engrossing and a lotta fun fun fun

and its best done alone

with no expectations

i can roam if i want to





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