posted on September 17, 2011 at 9:32 am

absurdist reduction

the first time i heard bowie it was starman on the radio

instantly sucked in

i was down the record shop and soon had ziggy stardust lp

at first i wanted to resist bowie because i felt he might unseat bolan

of course he did that and much more

that ziggy record to me was irresistible

its been spoken of much by everyone

you dont need my 10 cents worth

except to say it floored me and blew my tiny little mind, ok…?

from then on in i was there at the record shop when the latest bowie arrived

aladdin sane

well i loved this one too

it was like a more sophisticated ziggy  but without any theme

and it had mike garsons tantalising baroque piano all over it

somehow tho it wasnt as satisfying as ziggy

tho still a very very top notch record

i also acquired some old bowie records that had been rereleased

space oddity

this had some great stuff like wild eyed boy from free cloud

and letter to hermione

man who sold the world

strangely enough this was my least favourite

tho of course i still adored it

width of a circle was kinda tedious

but i loved supermen and after all

his impression of  bolan on black country rock is a must-hear

hunky dory

wow i hadnt been expecting that…

what a lovely record

a true songwriters record

life on mars is a huge song

he outdoes rodgers and hammerstein at their own game

bowie has learnt to do whatever he wants to here

in a way ziggy would be a slight devolvement ….


yeah i liked the yardbird number and the who songs

i mean it was bowie record

we all loved it….

i guess that was the end of the spiders….

diamond dogs

this got some bad reviews at the time

but sweet thing/candidate remains a fave of mine

bowie playing everything but drums and bass

garson still on piano tho

weird showbiz brilliant piano totally unique

bowie on guitar and keyboards is a revelation

why he ever needed some of the rotten guitarists hes had….

its beyond me…..




ive got the flu again and cant write

will post more on this when able




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