posted on May 29, 2015 at 10:43 am
bark alone

bark alone

yo malchicks and drongoes

here in spain after a long bumpy frightening fucking flight

nice hotel but close to prima vera festival which goes day and night

my room sounds like the cafeteria in a rehearsal place

10 horrible reverberating bands all going at once

my hotel is very nice

full of hipster bands with beards and tattoos

where will they all be in 5 years time? (nowhere)

i saw spiritualised play and they were totally underwhelming

completely with black chick singers singing lines like

“shine a light shine a light on me”

very original i don’t think

altho i like their records tonite was a dud

but great light show

saw chet faker nice beard and he once did a song with lou lous

he was ok

he’s big in spain!

tomorrow we rehearse all day then leave for cologne a 2 day drive

oh joy and fun

found some vegan food

(get thee behind me seitan!)

its nearly 3 in morning

wtf have terrible jet lag

bumped into jean zammit and geelongs own grantley buffalo

ordered a pizza from room service and it was out of a packet!

in a 4* hotel

fuck that i told em to stick it up their Castilian bums

and got my euros refunded

am feeling weird

gig tomorrow night

rah rah rah

see ya round you blithering ninnies

i love you




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