posted on November 4, 2007 at 3:55 am

last night i played memory motel by the stones
at a private birthday party in a big house east subs
it was for someones 40th birthday
it was their favourite song
i was paid well
plus something extra nice
i felt i won them over
several quite olde ladies
came up and said
i wished you played longer love
i coulda listened to ya forever
we got an early night
next day today
(strangely enough)
i play a gig at tamarama beach
a violent thunderstorm
with bolts of lightning illuminating the whole sky
torrential rain reigning o’er me
olde dirty sydney swept cleen
brightened up
oh every thing so green and sparkly
at tamarama beach
which is a beautiful and delightful spot
next to the little kiosk/cafe
was a tent containing
brendan g on slide
bernie h on guitar
jonny z on bass
hamish on drums
peter od on guitar
we played a fantastic version of providence
it was live to air on the abc
gee it was a nice version though
jonny z….oh what a tricky bass player
this guy is a 9 n a half
and thats why im a 7
anyway i was very pleased with it
then me n fambley drive to petersham
we find the way
we get detoured
we scramble for a park
its bigger than vegan day apparently
inside i walk thru crowd and stalls
i find a backstage room
i tune up
im playing the guitar to myself in the mirror
running a very critical eye over the timed being
well i am 53
i suppose
there i am like narcissus
watching my vain self in reflection
when one of the organisers walks in
a bemused smile
as i turn around and see her watching me
huh showbiz types she thinks
i go on
im good
ive said it
under the most trying of conditions
in a town hall packed with people buying vegan products
and talking eating laughing
with bright horrible lights
with no fold back
ie i couldnt hear the guitar at all
i got through
thank you yoga
thank you india
thank you swimming laps
thank you qi gong
thank you meddi-tation
i now have a deep spring inside me
to draw forth the wherewithal however i shall need it
this allows me
to talk to high school kids for 2 hours about songwriting
to play in tents in dusty windy fields with a fucked p a
to play at birfday parties
to play at wineries in 45 degree heat
to play in noisy town halls at noon
i am able to go the distance
halfway through i stopped
gave em the veg rant
which is
that being veg
*keep you healthier
*save the worlds meagre resources
*reduce needless suffering for countless sentient creatures
*reduce negative karma
*increase awareness of our interconnection
*towards a happier world
*towards spiritual realisations
*higher vibrations
*make you sexier
*make you slimmer
*make you look and feel younger
*live and let live
then i played some more
and i walked out into the sydney sunshine
quite pumped up on adrenaline
feeling restless and vaguely unfulfilled
on the trafficky journey home
came in to our cool dark bedroom
to have a little nap
and after 5 minutes
the doof doof started up
ripping me from my peaceful slumber
now im gonna take twillies n doodles to nielsens for a swim
ive deserved it

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