posted on January 10, 2012 at 10:32 pm

ganymede flash


the women sang in babylon

the song they sang in babylonian slang

they sang of the one god ammons song

they sway through afternoons of palm and silk

eating chocolate locusts and baboon milk

inside the circle where a priestess knelt

she had the tattoo of Set the coiled one

she had the mark of the moon on her skin like drum

she had a scar upon her cheetah

her fur had blurred to numb

the snow had come to hyperborea

but in the south an everlasting summer held sway in the streets

the pyramids amid the continental drift

the glacial crystals embedded in one nostril

in the other sky you both hold Wrath

and the music you cannot stop

but you can never remember it either

neither beat nor sound around the treble cliffs

i hear like a bat i see like a dog

i growl like an eagle i charge like a speeding arrow

ioh  ioh ioh ioh

the sumerian league a million feet hence

a furlong in ireland a chain in odense

i marvel at miracles i clamber defence

its early for me its late for the rents

i see that everything here

makes perfect sense


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