posted on September 8, 2007 at 2:28 am

last night i have din dins in tibetan resto
with ty n
we both have lentil rissoles n potatoes n tomato
ty is a very groovy looking guy in a 1970s way
a big fro of dirty blonde hair
smooth skin
slim body clad in rockstar civil war denim look
everybody must know who he “is”
i see some people whispering n looking our way
ty n i have a good fucking laugh at everyones expense
but mostly our own i guess
except he keeps mentioning “that song”
i dont care if its a standard
a classic
or whatever its sposed to be
i just have nothing to add
ty mentions another song
i look sadly out at the traffic
i have as much relationship with that song
as i do with those passing cars i murmur
we watch jamie h from bluebottle k
he does his solo show
now hed been mentioning me a bit in his songwriting talk
i can see now my influence upon him
but not that he copied me
but that he could dig the implications of my schtick
(whatever it is)
and he took the ball n he ran with it
doubt seeds the double album is great
and last night his performance was top notch
wonderfully inventive guitar parts on his martin guitar
lost of weird tunings n detunings
always these multiple things happening
descending/ascending basslines
while melodies appear n go in the jingly drones
the lyrics are pretty fucking good
and you know i dont bestow praise easily
thoughtful intelligent strange
youd deffo like this guy
me n jh walk home after gig
we have a lot in common
up early this morning
have boost juice
buy some more funny iron on patches at the market
that make me feel hip and cutting edge
or ambiguously ironic
wonder where i’ll put me gene simmons patch…?
grant comes on ipod 3 times while im on buns-wick street
then gee nunn is wearing a mclennan t shirt
hows that?

have been walking round yon corner to ‘ave a smoke

rowan d gave me a lovely book on klimt…superb!
rowan you are a prince among men
today i read fruit m
tonight i play lenny cehon songs
teachers n suzanne
small point of interest
sisters of mercy named best of
some girls wander by mistake
is a line from teachers
the next line
into the mess that scalpels make
oooh how visceral
how prescient
how leonard
see me murder those 2 numbers tonite
judy write centre brizzo aust
and if you buy my book
i will sign your mortage
if you buy my cee dee
i will sign your star
look alive fiendss
the killer walks among you

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