posted on December 8, 2009 at 4:30 am

today i dont know what to write
things seem unreal
extremes swing wildly to extremes
extreme pleasures
extreme pains
extreme joys
extreme griefs
life keeps coming with both barrels
shooting me with its surprising bullets
my band is enjoying a mild resurgence
its not surprising …we are pretty damn good
but there again
we should be…shouldnt we
we are one of the best on the planet i guess…
this displays no modesty but i have to call a spade a spade
(in spades)
we have enough thrust n lift to blow the roof off
we’re intuitive and we’re wildly chaotic
but we know our music
and we know how to do it properly as well
paying no lipservice to any time or place or ideology
we are 4 musicians hell bent on transcendence
and our music can be of any style or intention
we are continually innovating and improving
whilst remaining true to our high standard guarantee
its a pity we are so bloody olde
because we are playing the best we ever played
a variety of reasons
my voice is now easily thrown around the room
i sing in key a lot more now than i used to
my lyrics are brilliant, of course
look they just are and you know it
its boorish of me to mention it i know
i’m just trying to cheer myself up a little maybe
tomorrow night is lizottes on the central coast
if you live in england or europe
it might be hard to picture lizottes
like a big restaurant with all mod cons
in like the country almost
people come from miles around
they come from their charming bungalows n apts
(the central coast is very picturesque)
and drive for miles through all the towns
the fishnchip shops
the lagoons
the little bridges
the motels and the white vans
the new apt blocks
the olde beach shacks
and all that
and they sit down n have dinner
watch a whirled class act like us
and all in comfort n ease
nice weather
green lush fields
used car dealers with little flags
nice wine
nice company
the church almost in their very living room
a good deal i reckon
the church acoustic a good little package
whooda thunk it?
we strive to master all genres
even as time runs out
if youre coming
it will be a very good show
you lucky devils
you gonna enjoy yourself

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