posted on January 20, 2010 at 10:12 am

lichen moss vines lianas
dead sea horses
dead birds skeletal n feathered
swollen up dead fish
their eyes bulge
the current is strong
the white water foams like froth
it froths like foam
we survivors stumble on
escaping from the city
escaping from the country
escaping from the …….
science and art will merge
impossible things realized
the last vestiges of us decay in the forests
oh i feel the power and the light
but where is the glory….
the glory is in one zillion uni-verses
every possible thing that can happen is happening
somehow i know
that i never been steve kilbey
i was just someone told to act like him
the 3 most important things
about being in 2 places at once
and of course
a strange friend i have from london/berlin
tells me of monatomic gold
sharpens up the old zingies thats for sure
tweaks yer flashes
your brain soaks up this gold no longer metal
the philosophers so stoned
the alchymical nuptials
the lead into gold
oh boy i hit my computer and ordered a bottle
its coming so soon
and the vine maybe back in my life
something extraordinary is happening everywhere
though it may seem like nothing
i drink fresh water from an outlet
after trudging through the forests
and along the beaches
listening out for liar birds
dr russell and his wife aj
their boy and his friend
then theres cairns the irish millionaire
hed hired this craft to fly to new africa
and then theres the american kid
she was another passenger
and theres me the pilot
i crashed the craft
they said the craft were uncrashable
maybe to them
but not for us humans
my strange friends look at my scar
they say oh man you little dna farm
somewhere in the air my liquid gold
wings its way to me
it is an alchemical elixir
salt water
can my brains bear to glow
are all the other steves out there ready to glow glow go
but back to our story
we have crashed on this island in this specific ocean
now i just know this island is inhabited
because i am an old alliance airforce man
then i retired started flying the craft
which are not supposed to be able to crash
but like i said
whoever got traded for this technology was sold cheap
the night they sold me
i was frozen like the stars
one minute here
next minute there
a quick little cut
oh why not give me something back i beg the thing
the thing thinks
you want something from us….?
the other things make a sound i interpret as laughter
next minute i was back in my bed in the wrong world
musta been the wrong world wrong world
wrong world
some other earth but not this one
i already feel the effects of the gold
more whinin’ gold
wining n dining on….gold
metal guru is it true
back to the story
now i the olde airforce pilot
crashed on this island with these others
and theyre all dreamers
only i is alone the seine and practical one
and they have the elixir
they have the marriage of the two opposites
in a little bottle in their luggage
damn it cairns i say to the irishman
we english and irish should stick together like always
cairns laughs heartily at this suggestion
i dont understand so i laugh too
what did i say?
but i must get my hands on the elixir
we struggle up volcanic hills shivering mauve exposed rock
the ocean always looming to the east
the hills to the west becoming mountainous
the forests are cool and full of danger
somewhere out there
some savage some islander….
i finger my silencer
my silencer will silence any local objections to our passage
dr russell has forbidden the use of violence
but he’ll be happy enough when the time comes
yeah yet i crashed the uncrashable craft
yeah you blew it didnt you steve
who is my mother
and all the joyce bennetts in every world reach out to me here
wake up son you must be dreaming she says
i blink the sweat outta my eyes
i walk along behind russell n the woman n the boys
the american kid hangs around
she seems to cling to me
me who crashed the craft going to new africa
i try to conspire with cairns
we need to to get our hands on the elix i say
yeah… he says deadpan more a question than a reply
dr russell is out of his depth here i whisper
is he now ?says cairns shaking his head
i cant decide how to tell you
the moon is an indelible incredible pink cee
the sky is a rich purple
in this version of this world
i am this pilot
this gung ho old school british pilot
i crashed the craft
tho they said it couldnt be done
we survived one nightmare after another
dr russell and his love of nature
but my role is written for me
and i trample this worlds flowers
and i touch my silencer
and i feel its inherent sleek immanence purr
lord i got to get white powder of gold
elephant snorter tusker trunker
man is it all coming together yet
why should it?
i cant be bothered to explain it anymore

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