posted on October 4, 2006 at 8:36 pm

nk n i decided some indian food mite be nice for dinner
i chuck on my ipod n i duck down the road
as fast as fast can be
nimbly stepping round the slow walkers n bumbling dolts
who crawl along the pavement
past the nirvana beach liquor store
i move like a ghost in the darkness
popol vuh on ipod very much lately
all of em
i recommend all of em
sometimes the guitars almost sound like us
in some strange ways
sometimes a girl sings in a very teutonic medieval style
sometimes its all kinda indian-y and ambient
some times its very gothic n architecture
sometimes it rocks quite hard
sometimes its very mysterious
of course i cant remember the titles cos theyre in german
but this ones called hosianna mantra
buy it for someone “straight” for their birthday
they’ll say “what the f….” and give it back to you for sure
then you can enjoy it because at least you tried
to turn that square on,
and cos its brilliant in its self
oh so easy baby i digress
i start out doin’ one thing
i always end up doin’ the other
i begin on the high road
i finish on the low road
at the temple of low men
i guess sometimes
but where was i….?
oh yes
so i order the food
palak paneer
aloo tikki
ten minutes before its ready
i nip round the corner
and listening to ipod
standing outside a bookshop
which seemed to have loadsa intriguing books
in its shelves
and im digging the p.v.
and staring at the covers of yonder bookes
when a face pops into view like a dolphin
swimming up to a camera n looking in
blow me down its laetitia,
a spanish gurl and mac guru
who helped me get my lapptopp going
she was filming us at revesby too
much to my surprise
but there she was
anyway ive just said hello to her
but who should walk past
a famous actor fiendss
one of my favourites over the years
a beautiful young man
now a very handsome olde devil
terry fucking stamp
i say to laetitia do you see who that was
terence stamp
shes excited cos shes a fan too
we follow him round to the fishnchip shop
hes just standing there in shorts n an old shirt
very suntanned n statuesque
a real top class british gentleman charmer
rob dicko eat ya heart out
anyhow he buys some fishnchips
(surprise , surprise)
and sits there eatin’ it at a stool n table
l and i are staring thru the window pretending to choose lobsters
but we’re watching stampy
no one recognising the druid at all!
go on go n say hi to him i say to laetitia
we’re both giggling n carrying on a bit
wow i dont often see guys that get me going like that
but terence stamp, cmon!
he who defined swingin’ london with julie christie
forever glorified in waterloo sunset
as epitamy of grooviness
with those glassy blue eyes
now at 60 something
hes slim n upright
striding purposefully down the street
with a spring in his step
and woofing down bondis famous fishnchips
i’d like to say
that i walked up n said terry?
n he looked up n said
steve? steve fuckin’ kilbey from the chrunch!
and then he said
kinda quiet like
got anything to smoke at home , olde bean?
and this led to merry evening
with stampy sittin’ round the kitchen table
regaling us with stories of marlon brando
and his brother chris who co-managed the who
and the swinging bloody sixties..
sipping on cognac and puffing on the vapouriser
and then he invited me onto the film set
and i got to play his underling villain
a criminally insane old ‘ippy
driven nuts by years of dope abuse n rocknroll
but still with a neatly trimmed beard n nice accent
so the viewer aint sure whether to bleedin’ well trust me
or knot…
i could look dapper in a black tux at a gaming table, terry
(tho i lost 70 bux playin’ the pokies at revesby)
or i dont look too bad in a wet suit (i hope)
if theres any underwater argy bargy to sort aht
and not only that
but i score the friggin film too
and get nominated for an oscar
which they decide not to give me
cos they know i hate all award ceremonies
and they also know
they cant trust me
that if i do turn up
i’ll stick it to the man!
yeah just they way everybody hopes someone fucking will
but everyone needs the man too much to do it!
and then….
oh sorry
terry stamp , if you are reading this
i will behave myself at the oscars this time
for you
and for olde lang sine too
so i am available
ive had a little acting experience
um i was shylock you know
and thats a big part….
dont let my blog put you off, terry
if hollywood is beckoning me….
i could be available
lemme look at my calendar..
how about in five minutes…

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