posted on August 12, 2007 at 7:29 am

we have dinner
we have a quiz
me asking doodles n minna trivia
who were 4 members of beatle boys? i ask
we get george paul n ringo
but they cant remember the last name
cmon ! i say
ricki? asks eve hopefully
ha ha ha! i laughed n laughed
later on i ask who was the king of such n such
aurora : was that ricki?
ha ha
king ricki the great of mu mu land
he who brought rock to his enemies
a man who can play a beard of stars
n prelude to a day laye
is a just monarch for sure im certain
its sunday night
i can write anything right?
its my day of the rest for god sake
i could easily do nothing you know
but im committed n thats why im here
at your dispersal
a cold shoulder to cry on
my deepest antipathy
anterior life on this plan it
the furthest closest door
steve b kill
ask you boss to raise your spirit
a man eating fish
blew bottle jelly tin
the rockpools are tiny whirleds
snails n little fish
purple n silver stones
wolfmother of pearljam
igneous rock
basalt like
fairy dust encrusted
heres the little starfish starfish
should i dislodge its memories for tv show?
i ask my oracle in my heart
he says have no truck with it
empty feeling in treasury says go my son
it cant do any harm
its a dilemma mama
no advice necessary
none asked for
none taken
the obvious aint always so obviously the right way
all publicity aint good publicity
some things best left unsaid about some things
just leave em as they are
let em be
let em out
but resist urge to tamper in a good job
the weary(some) hoi polloi demand explanations
where didja get the idea for that they want to ask
then they edit it all up
as they wanna get an angle
on the other hand
a loada people get “reaquainted ” with ya
but reaquainted with some past glory
not what you doing now
shame i gotta be over this barrel
but i helped put me there
so its just my difficult job to deicide now
between obscure legend intacto
prime (ate) time (over) exposure
the stupid things that mite get said
the stuttering blustering pontificating palaver
(translate that into spanish please)
steve b kill
picking thru the embers of the past on the telly
oh yeah
i did this n i did that
self satisfied snigger
we recorded the vocals in this very room
now a dungeon in sam n ellas brothel/niteclub
i wrote the words on this bitter paper
words i wrestled from my very soul indeed
or was it
i got stoned and made something up on the spot
is there a point between these extremes that telly can understand
here is the veryguitar i pawned in 1999
which played the lead riff on the flexi disc from the same session
here i am now
over enthusiastic olde rake
despite himself
telly casting my cut up memories
answering the kwestions like a goodebouy
it was like this and that muh ludd
let me tell you this one again
on the otherhand
what real choice do i have?
its not as easy as it probably looks
its a hard slog
its an uphill road
its a thankless gig
its a struggle
its a carryon
thats the comedown

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