posted on December 22, 2005 at 11:10 am

have pushed wrong button again
have entered universe of the “straights”
have had security compromised
all i have to give is the serial number o’ mah basse
paisley shirtes confiscated
earrings beaten into cufflinks
captain requires crew to be seated
this could be bumpy
flotilla of beer gutted record execs(B.G.R.E.s)
playing elton john at high volume
inducing panic in bohemian crew
journalistic scum penetrating the shield
grovelling bakebean and bevvy pommy journo
sending badde review our way
big important yankee CE fuckin O
ordring us to have a fuckin nothah hitte
whole world gone madde
now sk
jettison the obvious
thats it…!
you amazingly well preserved olde astranewt
youve done it again
uninvited like the fershlugginer clouds
a mastahpeece, thats fer shore
enuff wi’ tha badde spellling
time for this olde galaktic hippy
to hit the outer limits within
voyage interieur
the olde rocker has already left
the billding

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