posted on July 13, 2010 at 9:24 am

over here at timbos place
producing an album for a guy called simon starling
its very melancholic in a pleasant dreamy way
tims playing drumbos
wes the famous church roadie playing bass
starling singing playing 6 acc guitar
me playing 12 acc
the songs are so lovely
lovely sad words
lovely simple music
i’m enjoying myself
we have some good feelings here
today hadda nother pivotal moment on way to pool
2 pods of huge grey whales rising from the sea
majestic is the word
leviathans swimming as families
again i was momentarily struck by natures grandeur
plus the symbolism for me of jonah
who didnt want to go to nineveh
but had to….
wonderful stuff
thanks for all the interesting comments for the last blog
baby lifes what you make it

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