posted on July 26, 2010 at 5:39 am
eg the mangy panther/white hippy moses

the cold white dead moon screams

life at last

salutations from the other side

fuck yes

here i am

oooh double spacing

a good name for my next album picture song line sculpture ballet dinner puzzle yoga-pose noodle manifesto conundrum or whatever the fuck i do next n rest assured i will do plenty next

ok thats 55 words so far, how you liking it…..authentic of course there is no other time being other than moi i am the one i am he i am steven john dionysius st loki slim killer kilbey and boy oh boy this is mah new website and well come the time being is dead long live the time being …who am i? i was born in hertfordshire england from a couple of working class people and i came to earth with powers n abilities unexplained swearing in my pram at age 6 months and attending the school of fuckin’ hard knox where i graduated in bullying bossing around and messing about with majors in annoying everyone else with my precocious bloody carryon …hey johnny cole turn off the spell check cos i own this english language n i spell my own way and i say whatever i want because words fill up my head so fast i cant type em out quickly enough because i am a full on raving nutcase genius madman lucid in the skies boney fido daydreamin’ nightcrawlin’ ladykillin’ bass playin’ fenonoma…yeah i’m the one you never seen before n i dedicate my life to my dedicated fiendss fans friends n assorted fucknuckles …i suddenly wonder if the envious little pigs are here with us or did we leave em back at the old place c’mon you jealous tiny sods post a naughty comment so we can see if an evil has entered this new pristine kingdom of kilbeydom ha ha knowing as you do that we all realise how you love to hate to love me i know youre obsessed with me i mean who wouldnt be cos when god was dishing out the talent looks sexiness n charisma i got a bank error in my fucking favour! yeah favour with a U cos i an englishman from austraylia n owe allegiance to no bastard except my devotees to whom i appear in my universal aspect with my greyblue eyes and my freckly skin and my wispy hair and my pointy slightly red nose and my sharp tongue and my sacred calves etc etc etc i love to talk about myself you love to read about me i say we got ourselves a deal i gonna thank kipmccccc n jm cole one more time i never ever fuckin’ mess with texas n i advise you muggles to do the same i like to thank holly mc eek who is my fairly godmother who told me hey stevie buoy keep painting n one day you’ll be the biggest painter on your block n i’m almost there i’d like to thank ricky maymi who frickin’ rawks i’d like to thank rusty my bro for tellin’ me to blog on regardless n johnny my bro fer puttin’ out my records n i’d like to thank my five daughters who are exquisitely gorgeous n kind n dutiful i’d like to thank all my subscribers from the old place n we’re gonna work out a dealio for ya if ya recently chucked some dosh into my coughing coffers cos all art aint fer free baby n if you wanna get primo premium kilbo boy you gonna have to pay a bit but if you broke you get still plenty o’stuff ¬†for nothing cos we at the ttb are generous to our own frickin’ detriment , ok

well thats about it

i got a lotta stuff to do so welcome to here

i love ya

hope we together for a long long time, ok?

steve kilbey newttown


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