posted on May 20, 2008 at 10:11 pm

1 : KLK
ah mysterious academic philanthropist has been making the
church possible for 10 years now
thats right
no klk =no church
after putting up with our incredible malarkey
including me in the bad old days of the gear
he has financed or partly financed everything we do
for a long time
because he believed in our music
whats in it for him?
now hes just done another favour for me n nk
and we are deeply grateful…
next time you look at after everything or uninvited or whatever
imagine a bloke dipped his hand in his own pocket
to make those records possible and send all your blessings
in the direction of KLK who is literally our saviour
2 martin kennedy
been listening to winter dreams and fall
(2 separate records)
by all india radio
such lovely lovely records
so incredibly happy that ive done an album with him
mk just has that indefinable “it” when it comes to music
he has forged himself a completely individual sound
instantly recognizable as soon as it comes on
i ve been painting and listening
and falling deeper into these records
simple but poignant
kennedy is like rocks jm turner
painting in soothing fogs of sound
never abrasive or discordant
always subtle things percolating away somewhere in there
kennedy is a modern master of the ambient genre
taking the most simple elements
and blending them into gardens of lovely sound
i seriously rate this man as a composer
he is world class
youre gonna love kilbey n kennedy presents…

well folks
i ran outta time
tomorrow i’ll be back with more cool karacters
my generous subscribers…you are always in my heart
and i thank everyone who likes my blogge

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