posted on August 14, 2008 at 8:45 pm

dear fiendss
seemz ive hit the jackpot this smorning
as i peruse the amazing list of free goodies
awaiting my confirmation
no…not that christian malarkey with a wafer n wine
all i have to do is confirm
that i’m
(and if i’m not…then who else is?)
its that easy
i’m gonna get..
(drum roll please and cheesy show-biz music…)
2 petrol vouchers
i myer gift cert
one b and w gift cert
one woolworths gift cert
a pink i-phone (wow!)
a sony-wega lcd tv
a toshiba laptop
an apple i-phone
need cash? 500 bucks no questions asked
a 500 gift card
a J+B hi fi card

and we all thought that this world
was full of cynical hucksters
playing the old pea n shell game
with gullible idiots som moi
and then
this miraculous cornucopia of stuff
arrives in my e-mail box
all merely awaiting
am i stevekilbey…?
yes i am!
heres yer stuff, then, you lucky sod
thank you very much!
wow…a PINK i-phone
i’ll be texting all my friends like crazy
maybe i’ll get some brian mcfudgeon ring tones
and download some cooool movies too
and same way cooool games
maybe thats what i’ll spend my first five hundred on
that other five hundred….hmmmm
maybe some breakdance lessons
or that autographed spandau ballet kilt
i wont be needing petrol
not with my 2 vouchers
which are small printed pieces of paper
entitling the bear to goods and services
sorry i mean the bearer
what would a grown bear do with a spandau ballet kilt?
i wonder if bears do get certificates from each other
dear bruin this stone entitles you to one large salmon
honey vouchers
confirmation needed: one pink pickanick basket..
gee i’m looking forward to my sat laptop by tosh
wonder if its compatible with my new sony wega lcd tv?
wonder what i’ll get in myer…..some way cooool clothes i’m sure
a pair of those jeans that makes your arse hang out
and yer legs look like sausages…yes
and a fcuk tommy hill-frigger t shirt
and a justin timberlake hat
you know those ones that make you look like a complete fucknuckle
you know
i need to investigate this for my own site
free words awaiting you now
blog vouchers
rant gift certs
i’ll be seeing you all soon…..
on easy street

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