posted on February 7, 2010 at 8:44 am

there you can see something ive been doing
the cover for my boxset
its a painting of me back in the daze of whine and poses
surrounded by eyes
the eyes of the stars
the eyes of the beasts
the eyes of the worms
the eyes of the night (approx 1000)
i’m gonna call my boxset
monsters n mirages
isnt that what my songs are about after all
after all that now everything
everything after all is what my songs are about
everything you couldnt find
i have provided in my songs
all your lives you wished for these songs
you asked to see the monsters so i sang them to you
you wanted soothing so be soothed by all this
you became the audience and split into many many people
i soldiered on but i kept ambushing my self
finally a single smack stopped me dead in my tracks
i paint the astral body electric
i am at the union of cosmic and deep earth
my wretched body will return unto the dirt as ash
my souled out soul will turn into a million songs
i choose to return as music
i choose to return as colour
i am the prints charming
i am the evergreen silentest song
i see the target and nothing but the target
i slap on a bit of paint
i dunno what im doing do you?

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