posted on May 13, 2009 at 4:11 am

at the moment u#23 is sitting at 35 on amazon rock chart
54 on music chart
i am so stoked i’m gonna explode
the good reviews continue to roll in
newspapers all over the u.s. are giving u#23 the thumbs up
could it really be happening?
i am breathless with excitement
like i’m waiting for a big wave to pick me up
can it really be that the churches time has come (again)
just when i was giving up on the old nag
shes jumped up n bolting for a last minute run
the church : an overnight success
oh god please let it happen
the taxman is on my freckled back and breathing down my neck
please let me roll one more double six
and i’ll never complain again
oh laksmi goddess of fortune
send me some sold out gigs and some more good reviews
deliver me a wider audience
let us rock with aplomb
my oh my
i aint been so vibed since…..starfish…
well whattya know
you guys knew it all along
you believed even when i didnt
i want to thank the mysterious n generous KLK
without whom (seriously) u#23 never wooda been made
KEVIN I LOVE YOU! (in a masculine way of course)
if youre digging it
think of this guy who made it possible
and made the last 11 years possible to get here
and has asked nothing in return
and now you backed a good one klk n im real happy
meanwhile im surely but steadily selling some paintings
in pittsburgh…thank you kimbo n ms eek
meanwhile while im writing this
@#$#%^ ing scarlet has just chucked all of eve n auroras little pets
down a dark black crack in some bricks
where from they will NEVER be retrieved
much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair to be expected
at least 200 hundred bucks worth of toys gone!
oh my lord
scarlet will have to go in a protection plan
cos the doodles are gonna want her blood
im almost crying myself at the magnitude of this crime
scarlet looks shocked by whats shes done
oh god the doodles are gonna go ballistic!!!!
meanwhile i’m working on my greek myths paintings
iggy pop as paris chooses out of 3 saucy goddesses
and lotsa dogs and arcadian foliage and its BIG!
what will happen next
stay tuned


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