posted on December 24, 2005 at 10:03 am

lovely xmas bash was had
swimming at a fabbo eastern suburbs harbour beachey
sk has too much cakey
sees a stingray
sees a hole in shark net
gets sore throat from schnorkel
but very nice do

amazing to walk home thru quietened
darkened suburbs
xmas lites and shadows
lovely night breeze
voices inside houses
i was thinking
about so many other
xmasses i have had
in canberra w/ dry heat and the smell of pines
in sweden ye olde trad xmas w/ snow and etcs
in wollongong
the incredible din of cicadas in the trees
in the us
w/ snow and etcs
oh come now sk
dont get all nostalgic now
nostalgia ill becomes ya
you olde rebelle

so lets leave all that behind
i am happy here and now
house sitting
somewhere in bondi
the twillies bustle round here and there
speakin’ their nordik jive lingo
sounding impossibly fast
tomorrow is out there waiting
we are heaved forward by time
space squeezes us
life plagues us
human beans run about in a frenzy
and nothing else on this planet
is the slightest bit interested
in our acheivements
and our bullshit
the waves keep coming
the flies keep flying
the bats go thru the summer nite air
the cockroaches are a’rustlin’
the ants are marching
the stars are shining on brightly
whales are out there in the sea
swimming, making love
and avoiding nassssty jappy harpoons
only in this way does man intrude
the bears dont care about parishilton, baybee
the mosquitoes and the moon
are oblivious to tomcruisebradpity
the mountains probably aint gonna come to you
so look at things from a non human perspective
once in a while, my pests
try to drop your man o centric lenses
and dig the vegetal scene
watch the ants
hug a fucking tree
save the life of a stranded jellyfish
or support a collapsing star
do right
use your head
get together
bake some bread
its xmas
its time to take stocke
time to be peaceful
forgive yourself, little baby
let it all go
tonite be happy for a while
set a turkey free
give someone you love
something nice
thats right
its easy
….oh, forget it
go to a party
one of those amazin’ partees
you gonna remember yer whole life
uh oh
achey achey
oh no
sore tummy
oooh whats that nasssty feelin’?
the wrath of grapes…
a flashbacke….?
a hangover?
a high temp?
you dont look so goode
pace yerself
you gotta still get thru tomorrah
leave out some brandy for santa
wriggle up a chimney
and learn to control a team o flyin fuckin reindear
maybe you bit off too much this time. sk
maybe just a quiet knight inne
maybe just a quick cuppa tea
and its curtains….
drive carefully
fly safely
fade away and radiate

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