posted on September 27, 2006 at 1:50 am

we were talking…
georges lovely within you without comes on shuffle
then coincidentally
eyes smeared with the ointment of love
a track russell n i did for guilt tripes 1st alb
and yes its got that melting into the lords effulgence feel
rustys harmonica bends a note
the synths arc up and on into the blue skies
the drum machine hisses
perfectly in time
scarlet starts to sway to the music
children…at what deep level do they dig music?
as she gently rocks holding on to a chair
she looks into my eyes
and her soul wordlessly communicates with mine
oh music is good isnt it? she thinks to me
you betcha kid i send her winged words
sometimes shes says oh wow out loud
its like shes tripping 24 hours a day
everything fills her with delightnwunder
she lays her forehead on my knee
and goes very still
then she looks up
with her dark blue eyes
and then puts her head down again
bites me
4 sharp tiny razor-teeth nipping on yer leg
no i say
the mere mention of the word no
her face crumples
the bottom lip comes out quivering
her very bolan like corkscrew curls trembling
on her big baby head
it seems like shes enjoying herself most o the time
but one really silly thing about babies is
they dont know when theyre tired
just like a lotta people dont know when theyre drunk
tired babies
drunk turkeys
very similar if i come to think of it
and i do
they both are doing it to themselves
and thats what really hurts
i mean baby, if ya really so tired
lie down n have a bloody nap why dontcha?
stead of a’cryin’ n wrigglin’ round on big daddyos lapp
and if yer so drunk
that ya talking a loada bullshit real loud in some poor bastards face
go n have a little lie down too
if youre drunk please avoid me like the plague
no point beyond this alcohol
i dont mind a stoned rave if its inspired
but a loada booze fuelled toffee bores the beard offa mee
some bleary beery bonzo promisin’ ya the fuckin’ moon
loudly n aggressively showing off
touching ya and stuff
a drunken woman once in nebraska
she says
to me
“why dontcha smile?”
i shoulda said
lady, do i turn up at your job n hassle you?
maybe i aint smiling cos im exhausted n stoned n jus’
played for 2 hours n im sweaty n shy n tired n wired
n my meters expired….
but i just ignored her
so she grabbed my face and showed me how to “smile”
by sorta pulling my lips upwards
she was so drunk n obnoxious
she got thrown out
and she stood outside on the street
still screaming abuse at me hours later
you know
i dont think pot smokers carry on like that
i mean
ya just couldnt be bothered could ya?
anyway alcohols a poison
but i guess i’ll still have a drink or 2 in addy-laid this fryday
yep im a hypocritto
so sue me
babies n drunks
byzantine monks
in swimming elephant trunks
these are a few of the things that perplex me
robbie williams is a loathesome gnome
oh how i wish he could go away for a while
he fills me with embarrassment
so obvious n cliched his showbiz mannerisms
n ‘is cocknee dodger “persona”
you want the obvious you get the obvious
says toddy r
did it have to be someone as awful as williams?
hes like a spoilt brat showing off at his own birthday party
cmon this dude sold a million tickets in one day!
am i crazy?
i would leave the country to avoid seeing him “perform”
maudlin,randy, winking,cocky little git
its a disgrace
let this all be null n void
let a darkness appear n swallow me
i must now drive across sydney to re hurse
thats it
the end

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