posted on September 22, 2016 at 1:57 pm
why dontcha smile?

why dontcha smile?

i killer of the mundane

the slayer of ennui

the kingly man with a lions heart on his sleeve steve

i who live on nectars and ether

visitor from another planet with strangely powerless

yeah i fucking entertain em for my living

i jumped up in fremantle last night

me n my little band damn we were good

i know jesus looked down and smiled once or twice

playing a bunch of my new songs too

oh gee they all really  sounded good at least i thought so

had a few stiff gins too and some excellent musicians cigarettes

fell into the zone and we stayed there

full marks to guys in my band shaun shaun and adrian

in one  afternoon we chucked it all together

great venue too altho i already forgot the name

was it the blinco club or something?

going on radio today and indigenous singer Gina Williams

is going to come on and sing under the milky  way

in her own language Noongar . there are less than 400 living speakers

i sing second verse because Gina got stuck translating the word “curtains”

because they had no curtains and no word for them

so she has a lovely powerful voice too

imagine my song sung in this ancient and rare tongue

well thats gotta be good…right?

corporate solo show for some lawyers tonite for some good $

wonder if i can snag a free attorney? but the law is an ass…!

then back east to rehearse for smiths tribute gig which is sold out

almost a thousand people

now cramming in my room for show

i am

this charming man

bidding fonda dew

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