posted on June 25, 2013 at 10:32 pm
triumph herald the angels sing

triumph herald the angels sing

write something nice

the gallery demanded

so i searched through the storm for the usual debris

give us an ‘ero

give us a villain

give us a bit o’ the ole one-two-three

well the hero is everyman

the villain is no one

no one that is if it isnt me

and everyman here

who arrived with his angel

everyman who watcheth us all on teevee

the strings in crescendo

that tug at your harness

the clever words have made you quite dumb

the jury appears

thinking you witless

they summon some clown who never can come

sooth my apparel is vulgar and tasteless

then my demeanour is thunder by thumb

in linked sequences of arabesque dancers

the same old shriek and cackle wind scum

they swerve off

to their side of the dessert

the jerk off at the soda numb

the storm strides over the

sea like a titan

the storm moves through the thieves in the night

in permanent dwellings of memory dreams

with bob in Tamarama all white

with delicate chains our bodies constrain us

until you know one day they just snap

and off you go to the wildest blue yonder


or something like that



RIP bob 1954 2013




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