posted on December 23, 2011 at 3:50 pm

magenta nocturne

remain immune

practice yoga

avoid animal products

pursue god n hedonism…who did you catch first…?

surround yerself with the best

put up with the foibles of geniuses

pay homage to the masters

reject philistinism

derange your senses gladly but then make sure you can rearrange em

seize the day

imagine it all up

give it everything

tune in like a child

never ever grow up

be weird

be lovely

be a devil

listen to your eyes

see with our heart

feel with your future

appear all over the place

no job too big or too small

there are no guarantees so just actualise it if its in you

ignore these words

wish me luck

kiss my effigy

walk a mile in my souls

go tell it on the mountain

let my people go


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