posted on March 5, 2006 at 12:45 am

strange morning
more of the same
its one of those dark warm brooding mornings
until the obvious olde sun showed up
ruining the mystery
and undoing all the delicate potential
the morning had possessed
like a “straight” at a boheemian party
the sun tried to chat up the clouds
who were uninvited themselves
and eventually all the guestsnghosts
fled this fiery boor
(like a liberal supporter on crystal meth and beer)
and left me
yer humble disappointed hero
holding the pieces in my hands
oh well
thats what im here for
at 8 oh clock
i arouse
and took eve
and aurora
and jazzy wm
(virtuallythe 3rd doodle, who was havin a sleepover)
out in my borrowed car
to cruise the eastern suburbs of sydney
early sunday morning style
while it was still warm and overcast
anyway we came to this park
a big plateau over looking the harbour
we jump out
walk thru some nice little arbours
oh dear
some nasty “kidss” have left like
20 empty bottles of vodka and lemonade
some smashed
cmon “kidss” thats not nice now
take it from a booring olde fuddy daddy
like me
i hope yer hangovers are a’throbbin’ goode
ye imbeciles
see ya at an a a meetin’ in 10 years time
on the plateau
you can see the oprah house
the hubba bridge
the yachts baybee
just like in night sequence
look at those housies
look at that reel estate
this bit of sydney
werth more money than all
the rest of austy put 2gether
you can have the eastern subs
or all the rest
plus tasmania
and papua/ng
and / or
no youre stickin’ with the eastern subs
goode t’inkin’
course mell-bin is a nice city too
but its nothing like sydney, darlin’
im sorry
but its true
(sydnees badde bits amongst worst in whirled)
the kiddiwinks play amongst themselves
sk feeling reflective
lookin at the city et al
as sundae morning heaved itself in to the sky
sitting here
all alone
except for
a fat old beagle hound
of indeterminate sex
with a name tag of charlie
this dog comes over
and commiserates with me
sort like one olde fella to another
brrrr feel the winter in the air olde been
not gettin’ any are you?
mustnt grumble charlie…not too bad
that your pups over there is it?
i nod.
what all 3 of em?
yeah charlie i got triplets
charlie gives a little growl
allows me to fondle his ridiculously big ears
and then snorting to himself
he plonks himself down
and goes to sleep
next thing i know
busloads of japanese tourists show up
like aliens exploring earth
all of em listening intently
to their leaders
young handsome samurais in pinstripe suities
giving em the guff on syddanee in nipponese
after they are tired of gushing and posing
against the syd skyline
they spot me and charlie
me in my shorts boots and cowboy hat
big white beard and suntanned brown
and fucking charlie
i bet they just dont have dogs like charlie
in tokyo
these crazy jap tourists think they got some kinda
arch aussie stereotype photo opportunity here
even the biggest ninny in the world coulda seen it
olde fella and his doggy juxtad against
the ultra modern skyline of syddnee
surrepticiously they all creeping around
snapping me and my erstwhile canine comrade
one quite attractive middle aged lady comes over
she smiles at me
and pets charles
she shoulda done it the other way around
she aint charlies cup of human at all
he sniffs aristocratically
refolds his paws
goes back to sleep
the cheeky jappies are now boldy clicking me
and my triplets
i start to leave this joint
the kids spot me leaving
and start to run
i start running too
charlie doesnt though
he cant be arsed to run
he hasnt for years…
we jump in car
we have argument over who is gonna sit where
oh please please please evie can i sit there?
ok dad…i guess you are driving after all…
we head off to a lovely harbour beach
altho we dont have our swimmers
we arrive the kidss play
we walk up away from beach
up the side to a hill
another little woodland park
running down to cliffs and then the sea
dad cant you do yer chi gong while we play
yeah ok
but its hard with all that screaming and yabbering
down to a strange little beachie
on a tiny little like island bit
the kidss play with shells n stuff
im sitting there in this wild luxuriant little bay
all around incredible mansions
w/ luxury launches
stud the shoreline
swimming pools
movie stars
sydneys olde money
one place has a fairy tale tower added on
all have beautiful tree lined gardens
sloping down to a private dock
and boathouse
overcome by pure envy
i sit bathed in its poisonous rays
the girls start screamin’
even louder than usual
theyve found this big ball of green matter
impossible to say what it is
its washed up
and the everpresent ants are attacking
and it moves
its moving around
in the universal language of agony
i get a cupple of sticks
and try to roll in gently into the sea
a wave comes and collects it
as it hits the water
it emits a huge inky explosion
of pure purple
its a big sea slug
is this some kind of relative
of the sea snail that the ancient phoenicians
extracted the purple dye from?
it took thousands of those critters
to dye one roman senators togas hem..
any way we were quite shocked
i hope it got away safely
ya see somethin new every day
there ya go
that was my morning
see ya later

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