posted on September 29, 2007 at 12:52 am

another weird day
i arrive in cold stormy melb
after leaving warm glamourous sydney
after waiting round for 1 n a half hours
my guitar failed to emerge
so i went off axeless
(without my instrument…i ashamed)
i turn up at david birdies house
a man of few words
he concurs that we’ll just “wing” it at the gig
that means we’ll improvise n hope for the best
hes gotta great studio out back of his house
avec grande piano et al
anyway after an eccentric ride into melbo
we load in our gear
i get on an endless phone queue
to find out where my irreplaceable guild guitar is
i feel really unanchored knowing its floating round melbo without me
david b n i rehearse one song together
he joins effortlessly in on teachers by lenny c
wow ok mr birdie youll do nicely
polinski n i do a jap dinner
during which a friend of polinski needles me
bout vegetarianism then god
but i dont lose it
back to gig
there i met melbo gang
sam s
don b
e g lee
david b turns up seeming impossibly untogether
everybodies talking at/to him at once
he mumbles n mutters n shrugs n twitches
but he goes on n does a lovely set
about 3 quarters way in i join him n play some rudimentary bass
then he splits n i do my thing
i still have a bit of match fitness
and i do fairly well without forgetting words or muffing chords
after a while mr db comes back on
and the real magic begins for me
we do providence
neverness hoax
hes never heard the songs before
let alone played em
i read an excerpt from fruit mach n he accompanies me
don b said this worked very well
then we do a long long medley
starting with invisible
chrunch fans woulda already seen this coming before
but this one goes on n on
swallowing up other songs with the same simple chords
d b is sure a great keys player
to jump in n knock it off like hes played em a million times before
this medley goes n goes
taking in all kindsa other bits n pieces
and then bang
it ends
david b packs up mutters good bye
and that we should do it again
yes please david anytime olde son
oh yeah n my guitar turns up during 2nd number
e g lee tunes it n whammo
oh mutch mutch better
this guild is my sound
i sign some autographs
fruit machine sells out n i sign em gladly
i talk to some fiendss n fanss
some of em shy
some drunk n overthetop
bellowing stuff at me
ah what the….!?
theres the little lord n mr d
we go round for a cuppa herbal tea
n finally i stay at donaldos cosy gaffe in elwood
we stay up talking n talking
and tis a weary killer who greets you now
fly back home at 2 oclock

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