posted on March 12, 2007 at 12:52 am

i want everything
the little doors in trees that lead to the underground
the soft clouds oozing between my toes
the neverending saturday afternoon goldentone blur
the morningside liftoff into crimson blue
the dancing child with her leopard suit
the perpetual emphases of youth
moving mountains
rolling hills
babylon brooks and ceramic buildings inlaid with jet
silvertopped peak smothered in snowy cream
mornings in my silk gown scoffing down an old poison
outlook: encoded in temperatures the real story
warning : trespassers will be forgiven
timeline : jehovah made earth on 22nd april at 2 34 in the afternoon
application received
commission deducted
subscription appreciated
equipment depreciated
lifespeed accelerated
places closed down
more than anything i wish to heal
the feeling that i could
the feeling that i could
the feeling that i could if only i knew how
ah kilbey youre so mixed up
yeah i know
i admit to it
somethings coming at me too fast
somethings too slow
who are you man?
i dunno
the day before yesterday i was me you know
and then
and then
what are you trying to say
are you trying to sell em yer uncertainty now?
are you joking?
are you listening to me?
do you remember that time
long long ago
long before deep black time
before you noticed the warmth
and stretched out your limbs
where you floating inside adventure
where you kick back and let the stream take you
where you dissolve
where you surrender
i need it i need it
you witness a struggle for a soul
a sole operator possessed by many voices
pull out all the stops
let me drown then in you
sinking into life
slowing down and getting heavy
attraction crash
rejection smash
collisions inavoidable
i dont care if they charge me a fortune
i gotta do it one more time
one more teensy time
then youll be done
then i’ll be through
then youll be finished
then i’ll be satisfied
then youll be satisfied?
yes me
yes i want i want and i want
i want this
i want that and that
thats a lotta wanting
the more i want the more i want
it gets worse the more i get
getting worse and getter even worse
the more i get the worse it gets
and still i get more
than i want
youre not seeing the big picture
then describe it for me
i cant its too big
then what
what what what is the point
no point
what i do is pointless
but we hoped for a point
whos we?
me and the others out there
you dont know them any more than me
yes i do im sks everyman
thats bullshit they dont even know what they want
they wanted a point
a point is a very western way of looking at things
am i a “straight”?
youre cracking up
into constituent parts
what do your subscribers think of trash like this?
it aint trash its a glimpse inside my mind..
big deal
muse :its bullshit!
stay outta this
kilbey is mine
i will speak through him
no no
its my turn now kilbey will become everyman
muse : a revoltin’ development
ha ha
kilbey is submerging
everyman for himself
anywhere anywhy anymore
i want the machine equivalent of love
i want the grande old emperor of showbiz humbled
i want the drunken cads punished
i want the reliable poetry of plus and minus
and deep long division
i want the mosaic version of events reset
i want to colour you in differently
i want music for breakfast served in a little silver platter
i want autonomous help and hands on freedom
i want the happy endings you cant find in a book
i want a blogge
that rates #1
and puts the textured vegetable protein on the table everynight

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