posted on December 6, 2014 at 6:13 pm
no wicked for the rest

no wicked for the rest

nature arranged at all its levels

meticulous and tuned

salt air rushes thru my murky flat

an expectancy as another storm approacheth

a vacant field where no building seems to have ever stood

with minimal undoing the undulating rain

in the shallow cave of an afternoon reverie upon my mind

the sky suddenly blackens as the parking expires

lying in bed with a thousand memories

treading the boardinghouses and the stage behind a laundry

in alleyways that connect our worlds

malcontent clouds unleashing into thimbles

empty vessels pouring into empty vessels

the heat when its all over discharged into vapour

in languid valleys i would long for

i surge to be out of this miasmic malaise

becalmed in the early saturday evening seas

i embody the time ravaged fool

adrift in the green and grey

headful of sea spray


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