posted on May 29, 2007 at 5:36 am

stoned immaculate in the sun
jim morrisons book still on my table
yellow 6 emit from ibox
been goofing off again today im afraid
muse : is that what youre calling it these days….
no muse im not gonna let you walk all over this blogge today
you only speak cos i choose to let you
and today youre gonna remain silent
(sound of muffled struggle)
kilbey says to himself:
fuck, i bet they like the muse better than me….
(sound of a muffled “who wouldnt?” is heard)
thats the trouble with voices, my darling pigss
once you let em speak
you got yer hands full
every little aspect of yer psyche jostling to be heard
do you really think this muse exists?
(more muffled strugglin’…izzshe strugglin’?)
you fiendss really think there is some supernatural female energy
filling up my head with words twenny four hours a day, childe?
damn right there is…..!
hey there really is look…
what do you want me to do
compose a poem?
nah too easy
theres idiots out there without muses knocking that stuff out?
write a novel….
nah, itd take too long
do a painting then
nah dont feel like it..i been overdoing it
write a song then
good idea but no audio for a blogge
take a photo then
of what?
and who is saying all that stuff if it aint the muse?
muse : you cant control me, being
no sweet immortal muse, youre always so good to me
muse : and you have always had faith in me
i believe in you muse, i really do..
muse : ah the hardest thing is to really believe
but doesnt everyone have their own muse….?
muse : alas, no, being in time
but why me then?
muse : well youre useless at just about everything else and
at the last minute the creator imbued you with one of my many aspects
purely out of mercy…….
well i know youve always been there for me, like
when im up against a tight fucking schedule
you know 5 minutes to write something thats gotta be good
and i think come on muse…be there…!
muse : and unless youve had too much this or that i will deliver
how do you do it muse…where do you get all the stuff from?
muse : oh i have a muse too, mortal man, and that muse i filter to you
couldnt you let me have a minute with your muse, muse
muse : you always want that forbidden thing you not supposed to have
does that mean yes?
muse : you cant handle it sonny jim
hey im nearly effing 53, cmon, lemme have it
muse : what good would some ineffable delight do you?
are you having a laugh….is she having a laugh?
muse : you would have no words to write it
gimme a chance
muse: it is glorious creativity, pure and delightful
it is a melody with visible form clothed in poignant stories
the most beautiful woman you ever didnt see
a strong man , wise and golden
and words falling from the sky
queuing in the ether to enter your fevered head
and sensual beyond all feeling
a whisper in your ear saying such delicious things
oh being, my muse is prescient and reveals the future
the future unrolling in viridian and crimson lake and cerulean blue
the future played by an orchestra of ecstatic angels
each a virtuoso of unquantifiable stature
the future dished up as a lovely dessert with serene distances
and being, the past hung like a tapestry in eternal remembrance
the fountain of dance and song where i bathe nightly
everysong you say please dont let this one end
this is the best song
no song could be better than this
but my muse sends me a new song
and i say ah
this song is by far superior to everything that came before
and each note is unlocking sensations deep in your heart
the heart of your creativity where all things begin
and being
let me tell you of my muses voice
the voice that sings me those songs
oh her voice is like strong and clear and melodic
she sings in all languages at once
she has a thousand eyes
and she sings in the voice of earth and sky
her lowest note would open the ground
her highest would pierce the sun and stars
and she sings soft and low
seducing you with her untranslatable lyrics
about about about
you see there are no words here for them
ha ha being
you could not contain my muse
it would derange you….
ok look gimme a 10 second blast, i still wanna try
muse: my my your a persistent pest, arent you?
im ready
muse : are you really ready?
yes i am
muse: so be it!!!



normal service resumed tomorrow

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