posted on December 12, 2006 at 7:49 pm

so much in my head
that must be filtered slowly by my fingers
if i get a speech recognition apparatus
will it understand my hipster spelling?
for days now nk reminds me of an incident
and i say
must put it on the blogue
but now silly olde being has forgotten again
tonighty i hit melbjorne with em double you pee
apparantly he vs me you know
its so hard to believe i will leave the calm of my 7 am kitchen
for the smoke booze n grime of northcoat antisocial club
where i will strum n pluck
croon n shout
buckle n sway
plugged into my infallible muse
who will fill my head with sweet songs n words
and angry n sad words
and words to make you giggle or jeer
words about all the words that separate us my childe
words about words that came between us
must i use the same words to decry those words, my angel(s)?
there’ll i’ll be
good olde me playing n singin’
a good little show-biz trooper for yer commendations n kudos
put me on that small list
of the guys who try for ya everytime
the guys who are still lookin’ for new chord progressions
new ways of saying things
new thrills n spills with electric guitars n drums
we are upholders of tradition
explorers of new realms
we take best from past present n future
its like a spoon, my little pigs
you cant improve on a spoon
it is already the fully evolved flower of possibility
not unlike , say….well you know
i must be digressing
cos ive lost the plot a little
elli n minna went to bed about 3 in the afternoon yesterday
have since not emerged
despite offers of food n gossip rags
it appears teenagers will take sleep
over kevvy fedder-lion
if theyre really tired…
last night watched a film called mary
with julie bin-ochee and whatsisname the big black guy
with funny eye
and matty mo-dean
i rate it as a 3n a half outta five
nk gives same rating i guess
7 23 am now
getting closer to the actuality of taxi-airport
well i guess tomorrow morning this time
i’ll be in melbourne
maybe if internet is ON i’ll drop y’all a line
maybe waity for later….who can say..
who knows where the road will lead us
only a fool can say
but if im gonna love ya
its fer sure im gonna love ya
all the way……
all the way

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