posted on April 6, 2009 at 8:56 pm

doc says he guesses i’m ok
doc says ya can stop taking amiodarone
doc says go n knock yerself out
i’m lucky my heart beats slow
i’m lucky my blood pressure is low
may be some other part of my body will clap out
doc in another room : yer liver….
undertaker in another room again : youre prostrate
saw a picture of keith richards yessaday
wow thats scary kids…watch out for the booze n the cigs
watch out for late nights and co-caine
watch out sea -food that aint fish
watch out for pig n lamb
watch out for chook n milk
watch out for darkness
watch out for bars
watch out for time
dorian greys picture would look like miley cyrus
compared to keiths orrible mug
time waits for no one
the mirror is brutal
i guess we’re not meant to cling on, youth-obsessed
but you can streamline yerself as you go
surely one can avoid such a frightening metamorphosis
you just have to try n figure out what to avoid….
almost everything
start running your bio-machine on clean fuel
or it may clag out faster
i have eliminated many things i have judged harmful
tho some have slipped thru
watch out
you n i may not be as tough as old keith
its like hes metabolised all the toxins in his face
and then he adds eyeliner…(!?)
keith…that aint working anymore…good god
cant they keep the eyeliner away from him?
nonetheless a very very amusing interview
contemplating delicate subjects
such as mick n bowies “friendship”
in very anglo saxon terms
in same mag (docs waiting room)
article on how a lotta people wanna indict bush for war crimes
(to harp on my unoriginal subject)
i hope that it happens….
i also see someone called chrome d
has slightly misinterpreted something
i wrote here
or misinterpreted a general jist
and this is it
hardly any of my songs are about drugs
some may mention them but within a context
a few like anaesthesia, paradox you might say are “about” drugs
but most are not
all of them were written after smoking pot
but theyre not about smoking pot
no more than if i’d been drinking wine
would you say
the songs are all about wine
autumn soon is not about drugs
my songs are not really about anything
they are portals for each individual to escape thru
there you will
depending on your interaction with the song
find another world
you choose the colours
you choose the characters
im just giving ya some guidelines
but my guidelines are nebulous subtle things
to say they are all about drugs
is to take 99 per cent of their due away
i couldnt have fooled your heart for so long
if they had been coded encrypted nonsense about drugs
now get back on track!
i work with dave s in his bondi junga stude
thanks george handsomest n generous taxi driver extant
thanks nelg
dave n i cook up some great music for possible tv use
the philistines mightnt like it
but eek will be happy to see
that ttb
ever thinking of art career
whacked some multi media thingies down
for some variety
and knocked out a new poem
the girl upstairs had a studio
and she played us some new music from england
is it called wonky beat?
it was the most TERRIBLE n VILE n DANGEROUS thing
i have yet so far heard
consisting of many many loops of bits of music
but all out of time
all out of tune
making no sense
just totally disorienting me
people listen to this shit n take ketamine?
welcome to the future buddy
cos doing that
would seem as alien to you n me
as my auntie lou smoking a spliff n listening
to al adin sane
1 minute of that music n i wood break down n confess
every secret i knew
i’d give up my family or my friends to the inquisition
if only they would turn it off
i am sickened now
just thinking about it
it is dizzines
it is nausea
it is existential angst
it is the decay of mankind
it is too fuckin’ weird for me
way too weird
i will avoid it all costs
to me it is a true nightmare
a soundtrack for a seizure
we bump into a trumpet player
who blows some muted trumpet n some flugel horn
on a couple of tracks
we have thai food
nk comes in and likes what we did
not a bad day
and jap lunch too!
what a great day
pity i cant have it over
aint it?

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