posted on April 5, 2011 at 6:43 pm

energy transfer

onyx like protuberance

unbeared agonic triumphant fix

the violins pierce my ears with sweetness

the music is sadly driftwood on winter beach

the planets circle in independent unawareness

the swamps buckle green marsh mellow

my brain drains the universe on some planes

white planes where tenderness reigns

in xerox do

in the silvered shafts the silent sentinals

golden horn and wooden fiddle

the kids will laugh as they  gambol  thru the woods

grapes actors music

bring on the titan

i am so longer afraid

smoking shadow jumping atom

nothing is there holy hell

it ends so soon it takes forever to begin

theyve unbottled the magical water

tremendous deluge of dragon blood

in lizard part of the brain

vultures on voicemail waiting in their wings

dressed in gifts and dismal promise

to give ya their dull surprise

my hammer pounds my temple resounds

somewhere outta bounds




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