posted on February 21, 2009 at 11:37 pm

second nite of triffids in the gardens
i sit down by the water listening to the show in the distance
a warm balmy nite has come down on perth
the water looks like black plastic in a play
i walk up eventually to gig
go backstage
have some jaeger (just one shot tho)
smoke some weed
put on the clothes
pose in the mirror
stand on side of stage
watching jill birt sing raining pleasure
gee she looks so good up there tonight
and the song never fails to send a shiver up my spine
eventually steve miller does his intro
which is weird n funny at the same time
some of it even reminded me of this blog
with its references to east and west and parallel universes
i go on and the band start up lonely stretch
and just a few miles away
i guess is that very landscape of which dave must be singing
and i close my eyes
and i’m in that bush
and its getting dark
and the whole night crashes down
on me in my car
lost and hopeless n helpless
what was i doing out here
but following them
the man n the woman i will pursue across 3 or 4 songs
the triffids n friends rock on around me
wide open road
not so easy to sing in some ways
gotta keep thinkin’ about timing
then stolen property
with its aching confused recriminations
and its switches of perspective
i love this song
i go offstage
i walk outta the venue
back to the water
listen to gig in the distance
white birds wheel in the light
the water is black n absolute
boats n yachts moored out in the estuary
people dancin’ n partyin’
a strange black stripe in the sky
i sit down there till the encore
i go back
graham lee says are you ready, steve?
lets do it! i say
we go on n do field of glass
i turn into the diametric opposite
of almost everything i have been up n till now
i am breaking out of that old chrysalis
that was constraining me
which said go onstage and smirk n sing softly
now i’m just gonna do what i want
n not let myself stop me…whatever that means
i throw myself into it
even beating the stage with my hand
i scream n yell n whoop n all that stuff
you probably never thort your humble suave hero would do
we get a great response
everyone comes up n congratulates me
even the normally taciturn marty casey n mick harvey
say they thought it was good
and cmon
they seen it all by now…
so thats a compliment , right?
after it is over
i go n sit by the water again
being accosted on the way by an english fan
who says in a cockney accent over n over
its just like the doors
its just like the doors!
its just like the fucking doors!!
tonite: last nite for a while
emotional mood swings ahead
hasta la vista

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