posted on May 29, 2009 at 3:27 am

youve been sinking monster
youve let go and nothing in this world can stop you
fathom after fathom
fall after fall
so greedy for bruises
so loud in my cans
let me see that again… i ask one of the techs
look there it is….he points to shape amongst other shapes
thats it…? i ask
oh thats its beginning …he says
the techs all laugh grimly
let me get some focus here….
for a while all is silent save the ping of the sonar
we glide through darkness as always
little monster where are you…..?
little monster i will find you and….
the configuration of shapes suddenly changed
the techs crowded around one particular screen
a woman tech pointed out a increasing black undulation
thats its aftermath we’re seeing …she said
as she manipulated and interpreted the data on the screen
the screen fractured with a red pulse
what was that…? i asked stunned
that was the wave form of its breath translated into a sonic event
so you breathe do you, monster?…i asked
and some of them laughed softly hesitantly
as if they didnt know if i was joking or mad
and nor did i
i decide to go it alone
after some reluctant dissuasion
i am reissued with a mansuit
and i am escorted to an exit
see you on the otherside …i say to the woman tech
she doesnt answer or smile but waits patiently for me to leave
outside the abyss is jumping
little monster you smell my blood now
you turn your huge and perfect head in my direction
you groan in the depths
it reverberates around these vaulted watery halls
so you breathe monster……the words float up to my ears
yes i breathe ….i think….yes i breathe…
i feel like i’m getting too much oxygenetically modified air
fresh air…a thought from somewhere…no fresh air
all this air breathed over and over
no room to move in my mansuit
no air thats new
how is your mansuit, monster….?
who asks this question…
i cant tell
it seems to come from within a tiny voice
it seems to bounce around the whole world down here
so you can talk , little monster…? i finally ask
oh yes i can talk…. comes the reply
just as i thought it would
a huge sound that cant be heard
a terrible voice that remains invisible
ive come to find you this time little monster….!
oh have you…?.a sneered reply from the depths
how is your mansuit monster i asked you didnt i…?
the monster made the equivalent of a soft laugh
how is your monstersuit, man……?
who is the real monster….? i said
oh how could you even ask? it answered
and then it was on me
so fast
like white lightning
i felt its aftermath first
the way the tech had seen it on the screen
a white flash behind my mansuits eyes
a white shock thats white hot
a white shot fired point blank deep inside
youre only hurting yourself !i screamed as i thrashed
no i’m hurting you …the monster whispered
my mask was leaking
my suit was torn
say goodbye to that tired old air… says the little monster
my apparatus detaches and floats away
how do you like that….? i say to myself
now i will die
no you wont die …says that voice
who me.?..i ask…who’s out there…?
oh no one …says the voice
the monster…i say
yes…?.says the voice
there was no monster
there was no ending

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