posted on May 14, 2010 at 9:14 am

open channel
transmit info
process reality
transfer impressions to memory
i am in cairns qld up north as north
doing a show up here as guest singer
i live in unreality
wandering around the town
have a cold soup and soy berry shake
its warm here
effervescent night
air conditioners still singing in the wind
my room is deluxe n delightful
i can see the quay i guess
i can see mountains n low clouds
the pastures of the blue crane
i smoke some primo jazz number
look aint the air fulla poetry now
i set my mind on random in my lux room
overlooking the tasteful darkened pool its night now
i sit here type type type
up here on the map way up here
my mind dries up
i become suddenly enervated
my legs try to stretch away that awful ache
the floor feels cold
the colours are too bright
time to rest a little
tell you how show was tomorrow
now i have 2 hours before showtime
night night

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