posted on June 11, 2009 at 10:22 pm

solana beach
it was a rocky start
rocky in as
i feel like a bit punch drunk
we had many teknicle ishues
we made mistakes
tim had the mother of all headaches
we had a late n difficult soundcheck
we just didnt pull it off
sometimes even masterchefs get it wrong
it wasnt bad
but it didnt transcend
i need to transcend
i need to be swept off my feet
n i neeed to enter that sweet zone
that zone one must enter alone
that world you looking for all the time
i need that and i could not find it last nite
no transcendence
it wasnt bad
and thats good i guess
in spades
im sitting here backstage at the roxy theatre
im sitting here with a real authentic new york agent
and his name is ben shprits
and hes only twenty seven
and we drove round la in his white mustang
and his blackberry rang
n billy corgan apologised cos he aint coming tonight
n the traffic was jammed
and the jam was jelly
and the jelly in my eyes like a dead dogs custard
and we pulled into hollywood
and who am i?
hollywood : you are an olde geezer in shorts in a mustang
and blow me down i only had 4 hours sleep
and we blow into KCRW n play some songs
and guess what i find out later its being filmed
and did you see my sacred calves
and did you hear us talking
and we played our music
were we any good?
voice in another room : better than lassanite at any rate
and wow
i havent even gotten a chance to play around with my
cosmetic machine yet
i been so busy
we drove till 4 15 after gig
me n tim upfront listening to
the sweet
lou reed
and a loada stuff offa the “best glam rock record ever”
my cosmetic machine n its goo
sit in my hapsack throbbing with puissance
ready to un-age me
but havent had a chance yet
to electrolite my skin
but guess what
the machine helped my tinnitus
that free treatment i got on sunday nite
has helped my tinnitus…can ya be-leave it?
(youth worshipper a ha ha ha)
imagine it
cosmetic machine
no corgan
but rick springfield is coming
and tiredness
n strawberry coughing
n my new york agent n his white mustang
n his blackberry goes peep peep beep blip blip
the ac goes whirr whirr
n we playing with van der graph generator soon
n we werent so good last night
we so sorry
just maybe
tonite will be the night
we hammer hollywood into submission
we sell our murch
we laugh and we fuckin’ get outta town
n the smog
n the people
n the tension
n the money
n the …
ah what the hell would i know…
my nameis kilbey
i was born to rock like this
its how they made me
wired to the gone world
see me rock on the radio
whats next?
an interview with hustler

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