posted on June 19, 2010 at 9:53 am

soft succinct and sweet
sugar bloom
through cold clear water i swim as if in dream
ionian sea or astral soul river
where my muse doth wait
whispering wordless words only i can hear
spirit come and take me now
oh spirit come and fill me now
dark matter intoxication null and void
i have wasted these 55
now i stand here empty handed outside this door
i cannot pound it down
i cannot find my way in
i am freezing out here in this outside
i knock and knock half heartedly
inside the 4 chambers my muse lies waiting patiently for me
havent i given thee enough? she dreams to me
you never worked for even one of my gifts… she gently chides
so why then do you now bang bang bang on the door to my chambers?
i fumble in my pockets for some key
i roar and whimper and call her nameless names
the names she has always had
all my lives all my days
youre trying too hard she admonishes
let it be easy as its always been
try not to grasp and gasp and blow your chances mind
believe and believe and trust and trust
oh its so close now
oh its still so far away
she smiles
i see her smile of invisibility
i hear her melodious laugh
yes she says
i think this time you really might make it
how? i ask
sacrifice everything ! comes the answer in my chances mind
everything? i ask
oh it will all be returned one thousandfold …her voice very faint now
like a thought that lingers fleetingly
like a childhood memory of being so warm and safe
like falling in love with life
like hearing the most beautiful music
as if from an impossible distance
as if coming from all directions
like krsnas flute in the twilight jungle
like jesus lovely laugh in the aromatic garden
like aslans mighty song
that awoke all things
on the very first day

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