posted on June 8, 2014 at 12:40 pm
just gone noon

just gone noon

i am the sweet child in timebeing yeblik

i awake and its sunday and i live on a sphere

rushing round a star

all lost in deep space miles from anywhere

i awake to a world of pain and fear

wars and killing

a pox on both yer slaughterhouses

god if we all wanted it…

god what if we all really wanted it?

the end of suffering and the reduction of all anxieties

money at the bottom of all of it

i didnt want to believe it my goslings

i didnt want to believe it but why else the killing?

the killing of man beast bird

the lifetimes of tortures for an epicurean plate

no obscenity is too much

we are back in ancient rome my friends

god god god

you say speak through me

but when i run to you for a loan…

god why do you permit us

to permit all this?

the girls hanging from a tree

the surprise of the newly skinned dog still living

the crafty dirty wars and their sickness of heart

money money money

god stretch out your infinite hand

god envelope this mutilated earth in your mercy

some have had enough

in our idiocy they mumble atheism and science

injecting shampoo in some bunny’s eye

airstrikes on some foreign city

mine blowing off some kids leg

i invoke you seriously today

let there be an end to the killing

cant you feel it all around you my readers and my pets..?

the unholy miasma of killing killing killing

no one has the authority

no stupid book

no cooked up rationale

its all wrapped up together

barbarian in a suit knows not what he does

chicken nuggets holocaustic nightmare

dealers in agony and filth

purveyors of finest wars and meat shot

trophy gunslinger blew away giraffe

bees all leaving silently

god where are you today?

someone explained to me once your non interventionist scene

but for one day  could you manifest some peaceful miracle

close down slaughterhouse

end war

let the good prevail

and let the bastards who deserve to be, get punished

whatever that means

not everlasting hell

but tell them its time for killing to stop

bring everyone home

set all creatures free

theyre not dumb we just cant understand em

its all gone wrong

let mercy and forgiveness descend into today

swirled into this world



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