posted on January 15, 2010 at 5:32 am

surprise surprise
its still summer
and the sheer weight of it
comes down on me in our mediocre concrete backyard
a garden it aint
its hot n still n humid
someone hammers
someone shouts out
children squabble
taxis pull up
the shop sells its milk n eggs n cigs n newspapers
the time being inc pty ltd
sits in his messy art junk room
on my desk right now is :
a can of fix
a pot of gold paint
a huge double tiered box of pastels
now sadly out of order n missing a few dead soldiers
other pastels of different types
have infiltrated the once strict order of my box
can you imagine how delightful the original pristine thing looked
a sweep thru the colours from black to white in about 200 pastels
some of em lie unused untouched in their positions
others are stubs n bits n pieces
some are just empty
pastels a l’ecu by sennelier
my art guru/deelah holly got them for me years ago
theyre like my main axe
since then she got me some iridescent pastels
now mixed up with the others
theyre the same brand n look the same but when they go on…..
now i always start with black i dont use the iridescents so much
but they can really fuck up your black paint with a slimy residue
also holly sent me a box of portrait pastels
and another box of another type n now theyre all pitifully mixed up
my pan pastels (pot pastels actually (ha ha on many levels))
i have paintbrushes
i have erasers
(no i wont call them rubbers , mr humphries…)
i also have one box of my mothers book
i will sell them to you direct and give money to her (maybe)
just paypal me $ 25 and say its for book
n i personally will post em to ya!
i will autograph each copy myself
heres some quotes from her book to pique yer interest
“she was sure steven had great potential as a pianist
and this pleased his dad no end
(then some events occur)
we never saw her again! you blew it, didnt you, steve?”
and try this
“steve and russell were sitting and i was queuing
when a fellow rushed up to me
giving me a big hug saying
what on earth are you doing here?
i was taken aback and looked over to my sons
who were both staring in amazement
i felt sorry for this man really
he must have felt like such a fool when he realized his error
and i wasnt whoever he thought i was!”
or…..what mum…hmmm……?
and finally
check out this scorcher
” i managed to undress steven
and telling him to look at his sooty book,
i climbed on to the top bunk
hoping for oblivion”
freud’d love it…..
but beware theres not too much me in this book
its quite a colourful story
of times n lives that are quite diff’rent to the modern bop
anyway if you were an absolute kilbey compleatist
then you would have to say this is essential
i have my old headphones which some unknown kid busted
scarlet it wasnt me
eve it wasnt me
aurora it wasnt me
my new expensive headphones meant for studio work
random tubes of paint
jet black
flame red
some remote controls
an easel
some paper
business letters
dictionary of the vulgar tongue
queer as dicks hatband : out of order
pursy : short- breathed or foggy
pushing school : a brothel
quail-pipe : a womans tongue
i also have a battery recharger
and bits of wire
and some window cleaner
pencils n applicators
blah blah blah
ok gotta go now
n do something meaningful
strike a blow for the caws
in spades
yers truly ruly unruly too
n bondi

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