posted on November 14, 2010 at 12:43 pm

what next

the world turns

the earth moves

people come n go

being passing leaving returning

flickering forms on a screen

as if talking to a ghost

some autumnal twilight

some hazy summer day

the ever present wind bringing us news

news of the ocean where there is no news but hunger

the clouds oh all the usual stuff

the tourists the shouting the pushing the queues

the smell of frying food

the ice creams

the fruit shops the fizzy drinks the bikinis

hard to find somewhere to park

hard to find the money to get everything you need

the leaves rustle in the garden they whisper late spring-ish things

i forgot to eat i eat too much

i cant sleep so well but i oversleep the day by a mile

check the mirror nobody home

old age patiently waiting on each line

all struggle is futile

the universe will swallow us soon

i rush towards my doom impelled by years

sunday market bustles regardless

the sea is cold someone says

the sun is hot someone says

the summer is here i say to no one in particular

the sand is so white i think

the people are crowding in today

in their cars and buses and trains and bikes

they arrive and arrive and arrive

a cloud passes over the sun a wave crashes a child shouts out

young handsome dads carrying lovely kids

surfer girls in rubbery black suits

visitors from other places stand around gawking at the spectacle

everywhere the feeling of money money money

someone recognizes me hey stevekilbey you iconlegend

hey i listened to you my wholelife allyourrecords

oh gosh i say but the moment has gone

what says the guy whatdoyoumean

a helicopter flies overhead

look i say its an insect world…..

the guy walks away shaking his head

see ya later stevekilbey he mutters to his familiar a one legged gull

women come up n say hello to me too

hello steve they coo how are you?

oh nice ladies i am very well thank you

do you need anything honey they wink in unison

oh no ladies i am fine fine fine

well if you think of anything at all……

yes ladies yes i say

but they are already on a bus into town

i stick my card in a slot n some dosh appears

i buy a fizzy drink n some greasy item

i look in the shops but theres nothing there for me

i run into lucky jim and i run into eddie the photographer

i run into the dutch twins and i run into somebody else

oh hi oh bye i say

the water does feel cold even to me

its salty and it stings where i shaved

a car beeps another car


life in 2010

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