posted on January 4, 2010 at 8:46 am

explosion of unbelievable energy travels up yer spine
you slump forwards but it shakes ya nonetheless
notwithstanding the technicolour flash behind yer eyes
hereinafter referred to as t.flash
t.flash zooms in n in in unbearability
the sky all frazzled
the time fizzes like singing voices sibilance
the things you took to be real
the anchors that hold you here
the breaks that you apply
the measurements you trust
you start to move out of your body
your shaken by an intense oscillating feeling
you run down the blackest corridor of em all
fuck the cops have arrived in time to see you dissolved
they shoot at you and the shots singe your starhide
but its too late to stop you know now
you remain a smile hanging in the air
you remain a laugh on the wind
you remain a name on their lips
in contraverted time where you arrive with a frump
where the clocks have faces
and the the second hands have fingers
and a load of screwy other things
that make themselves known with another t.flash
which lights up the smouldering recesses of yer cranial void
and you roll over on some hard n polishious floor
all cold n shiny like a marbled field of unending frozen patterns
cracking out to the horizon
tracking the shapes of beasts in spirit
lacquered under a varnished veneerish queerish glass
travel induces nausea
but you have nothing to throw up but the past
you heave upon the years
you choke on individual days that stick in yer craw
you taste bitter gone long gone nights of heat and darkness
you gag on on yer old gags
you spit out your spleen n bile and its tres vile
whoo you nearly faintly pass out
you remember that voice from longer go
that said
its almost like dying, isnt it…?
maybe you are dying you think
a t.flash and wave of panic
fuck fuck fuck
think think think
come down you tell yourself
somethings has destabilized me you repeat to yourself hollowly
whoo you cant feel your hands as the punch in the sequences
the numbers all fade from your mind
day and night at once
on the threshold of a million million dreams
at the hinted lands
at the promiser lands
at the mountains of mayhem n sheer madness
in the vale and veil of death
whoo sunburner moonripped

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