posted on January 14, 2006 at 11:10 pm

the day of rest
big ole jehovah
look down at goode yonder earthy
he knew this thing t’was goode
olde big J thinks to his fine self
im a fuckin genius
ive just created the whole world!
how could any one ever gimme a badde revue
you see folks
god was the original bohemian
creative handsome
with a big white beardy
hmmm that reminds me of someone….
i don’ know anyone like that
any way
jehover feeling pretty knackered after that
(that gets me thinkin’…
did he make it up as he went along
had a lotta planning gone into
this little universe…..?
we’ll probably never know….}
{bitto dye greshun for ya}
jay hover feeling very sleepy
you know how it is…..
and he, secure, in the knowledge
that hes done the PERFECT GIG EVER
closes his magnificent deep grey eyes
and rests
and remember
IT IS sunday morning
greet the dawning
everythings quiet
the earth sleeps in space
heaven divine slumber
whats this!!!???
a devious proto “straight”
has already entered
the sleeping sunday suburbs
among the push-bikes and pottery sheds
the quiet fountains and gazebos
in the heart of eden
and even in
a critic
an obsequesious worm
a presumptuous craven little devil
little lucyfur
nasty fellow
the father of all “straights”
{sk, yer demonizing em now, fer heavens sake}
no lil devil dont dig this great bohemian creation
he cant create himself
you all see that, dontcha
he was jus’ plane fucking jealous
he starts to carp on
bout this and that
so and so
such and such
what a little ratbagge
stupid devil
to get even with gods forests
he dreams up factories
for every bee , a fly
for every sea, a pit
for every cloud, a fume
for every bohemian, a “straight”
im sorry
to have to tell you all this today
the sabbath
{no pea brain rockah, not THAT sabbaff}
the balance is even
every action an opposite and equal reaction
unified field
no one here is gonna yield
magnetic strip
got me further in its grip
so love those “straights”
my people
they ARE necessary
the balance must be maintained
for every “straight” that comes over
to our side
one of “us” slips back
into barbarism and shadow
if you have any of these symptoms
please see a bohemian specialist
before its too late
whos side are you on?
1. desire to go down the pub and scoff sausages
drink bevvies
play darts an ‘ ‘ave a laff w/ the boize
2. a desire for power over fellow men
especially pertaining to wars, prisons, mines
slaves, the fucking rat race, papparazzi,
whalers, hunters, empty suits, and rude
3.a desire to write ye olde sk
a nasty comment
4. theres no 4 iran outta ideers
so there you go
if you have any of that
do not panic
it may just be a slight case of materialism
drop 2 mushrooms and read me in the morning
if yer answering yes yes yes
i want my power
i want my
i want my gold chain
i want my beere belly
i want my botox and my
gosip rags
i wanna be a cog in the great machine
give me the lexus
give me the plexus
give me the whole box and dice
youre saying that
just remember
just remember, you lapsed fiend
look at what happened
and is gonna happen
to yer grande progenitor
yeah you know who i mean
that stupid little devil
dont be elzy, bub
evil aint fun
we gotta get back to the gaarden
we gotta be nice to each other
have a luvly sundae
as always
at yer service
dj stevie k

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