posted on September 15, 2013 at 10:06 am
not easy being green

not easy being green


hello my ninnies and ning nongs

wow i have been neglecting my blog

its boring to say how busy i am all the time

i mean why bother?

but next week for example

2morro i am rehearsing at 100 for charity gig in waterloo

then at 6 till 9 with orchestra

then do charity gig round 10

next day i get up at 6 to fly to melbourne to film an interview for something (not sure eggs actly)

then up early next day to fly to brissie where i am help produce some stuff for 2 days

friday i do interview for orchestral thing

which is on

saturday, yes will be spent rehearsing soundchecking with orchestra and finally doing gig

meanwhile i try to paint on and on

times running out and im trying to get a certain number done

i am also playing a doctor in a short film sometime somewhere

as well as all this other stuff and im losing track

thanks for the birthday wishes

theres two ways a looking at it

one is yer lucky to be alive so shut up about yer age

the other is

what a drag it is getting old

oscillating between these two things i go forward

59 years old …who woulda thunk it?

still writing my memoirs too

and all kinds of other things coming up

seriously tho

i ask every single one of my sydney fans and maybe mobile melby fans

or even brissie fans to come down and see the eighty piece orchestral gig

21st september at the great hall sydney uni will be something

anyway thats it for now

i gotta keep on going here

love on ya forever


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