posted on June 27, 2010 at 8:40 am

i have changed
i have thrown off my last shackle
which was holding me down
which was dulling my senses
i am clear i am calm
i know now what i am here to do
i am growing younger by the minute
the hours pass peacefully
i want for nothing
my luck has changed
my mood has improved
i see the wonder
i hear the beauty
i entertain the possibilities
i exist in all dimensions
no longer impatient
no longer exasperated
aware exactly of who i am
i see through lies
i see through fakes and frauds
i appreciate the sheer beauty of life
my children amaze me
the future stretches out before me
and i want to fill it with music and paintings and words
invitations pouring in thick and fast
i stuck to my guns
i guess this is the reward for authenticity
i will prevail eventually
my good self will prevail over my bad self
i have some dear and lovely friends
like jeffrey cain who arrives on tuesday armed with beautiful music
i am immersed in my work and The Work
i am convinced things will turn out well for me
i am finally back on the path where i shoulda been
the path my own path
a path no one else could ever tread
i have to do things the hard way that is my path
but i always learn…eventually…
i will learn to master myself
i will learn to get all this art and music out of my head
and out of the void
and lay it on you all for as long as i can
because…well…who else can…?
i am content with my contradictions
they make me who i am
i will strive for excellence from now on
i will not flinch from personal sacrifice to create for you
i dive deep and i soar high
it is enough
i can wait and wait and wait
i remember everything from the past
my intuition is thawing
my heart is open
my head is no longer dead
i wish for no material thing
i desire no woman
i need no man
i am self sufficient
from here on out
let no stupid thing disturb me
do what you like
say what you like
write what you like
i am steve kilbey the time being
its sunday evening
everything is ok

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