posted on August 4, 2013 at 12:31 pm
gray havens

gray havens

sunday in august

incredulously i check myself

i am still alive

i wake up i’m almost sixty ive made all these records

two ears one eye does not work

my teeth are all falling apart

look in mirror

cant see properly but doesnt look good

as far as i can see the wreckage of a life

outside its warm in the sun cold in the shade

i live at bondi beach and sunny sundays is packed to the nines

freaks and hipsters

big old families  in from the outlying suburbs

surfer girls all bleached and slim

shopkeepers counting the dough

petrolheads in nissan skylines

yeah you heard it all before

back at my place i take stock of situations

dont ask me about such and such

i dont know

i excavated my brain for poetry and music until it collapsed

now i am some old empty fakir

a dummy half

bill impostor

fingers go tap tap tap

clock goes tock tock tock

ears go ring ring ring

eyes go cloud cloud cloud

mind goes blank blank blank

heart goes beat beat beat

and time is silent

it makes no sound as it rapidly elapses



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