posted on February 13, 2010 at 8:49 pm

suddenly its sunday
the sabbath day
the day they say
that olde jehovah rested after creating heaven n earth
i got this book “genesis” illustrated by r.crumb
i say it again
the illustrations are fucking superb
the story of creation n noah n abraham and all that crowd
how the hell they call this the good book…?1
i know i said it before
but wheres the goodness?
take old abraham for example
he wandered round the middle east
saying his wife was his sister
tricking his hosts
who may or may not have had their way with her
and then getting goats gold and slaves
when embarrassed pharaoh or whoever
realizes hes been doing abes wife
not only that
but him n his wife are already over 100 by this stage
and a load of other petty silly trickery
and daughters “knowing” their fathers
and all the blokes marry their frickin’ cousins
and talking snakeys of course
dim references to the nephilim
(who the fuck are they actually?)
and a supreme deity who prefers to sniff burning lambs
than a nice dish of organic veggies
oh my socks
the western world which invents supersonic jets
is pretending to believe this stuff
this incredible allegoric mish mash of old stories
i mean why the fuck am i supposed to be on abrahams side
whats so good about him?
god keeps telling him he’ll have millions of descendants…
why would that motivate you…?
god :here steve run around the middle east, pimp out your wife
knock up your slave girl, almost sacrifice your little sonny
and get involved in a load of malarkey!
me : but god ….i dont wanna….please…
god : dont you wanna have millions of descendants…?
me : NO!!!
god : well what were ya thinking of…..
me : ok…well…psychic powers, a few gallons of nepenthe
a nice tent with oasis glimpses in upper samaria etc….
its just so hard to reconcile
the clumsy seemingly self-contradicting actions of jehovah
with the glorious universe itself which he supposedly created
he is all the worst aspects of a tyrant
narcissistic nepotistic arbitrary spiteful sadistic
no wonder with religions like this we have run amok
promised lands n chosen people
what about the rest of us?
why does a god who designed n created gazelles n cheetahs
care about grumpy old abe n his fleabitten camels?
it doesnt add up
every child feels the panic
on meeting this impossible old character for the 1st time
what are we supposed to learn from jehovah?
he sure doesnt take any responsibility for the mess he created
does he?
the rain is holding off for a while out there
its st valentines day 14 th of february
didnt this cat die a grisly death in some christian scenario?
now hes the saint of greeting cards (i just made me own!)
and roses (bought a bunch from ye olde corner shoppe)
shoppe owner to sk : theyre selling like hotcakes…
i normally charge 30 a bunch but for you 20…
today i’m judging a vegan bake-off in newtown
must remain hungry for that
the rain is threatening but not falling
leaving the world in an unsatisfied state
an expectation of fulfillment just hanging there
the humidity is hard to bear
everything is sticky and damp
at ten to nine in the morning
the fridge hums
the tinnitus rings
the clocks ticks
never tocks
the world feeling apparently still solid
they say we rush through space
our sun travels alongside unfixed
each and everyone of us pure stardust
as much as the trees on the stars
we have a right to be here

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