posted on February 7, 2016 at 8:47 pm


perpetual stone of summer

i come around in the garden its three

in between webs of dewy intrigue the spider and fly

something  gnawing at yesterday and tomorrow

second guessing minute seeming

delving into the sea

on bended knee awaiting the night eve has unlocked

red flowers in the trees

crimson blood thuds around my veins

my heart doesnt know what to do or how fast to beat

as darkness falls from on high the soothing dusk

they are having a party in the courtyard

the booze has blown their minds they shout and they laugh

there are red and yellow lanterns and

a raucous merriment with emptiness at its heart

as i push my way through the throng

the weather is so balmy and perfect

the breeze caresses with promises of silk and spice and distant women

as you cruise down the main road towards the green grey pacific ocean

a street full of total strangers all estranged themselves

but oh peaceful and beautiful late than never summertime

crash into sunday and my wings flew off

burning imperceptibly as i enter another reality and its atmosphere

the flames of neglect licking the fuselage in a spiral

in my mind is all the things i know about music

who played this and who wrote that

millions and millions of tiny facts compressed into meaning and meaninglessness

observations experiments and things i did parrot fashion

all that i have gleaned and misunderstood

all of it is going round and round

suddenly coming up with answers

to questions i never asked

the mind furiously hurls facts anxieties opinions challenges and lies

as i cruise so cool down the avenue disguised as a tradesman

my mind keeps up its incessant barrage of data

all the people i see somehow resonate with me

i feel something as they drift and swirl and amble by

2 birds in the sky are a sign that i am to think of god

the clouds say something if only i could decipher it

the patterns in the concrete form faces and glitter minutely

the shops imploring and open, sucking the people through like krill

down to the mysterious body of salty water that contains all monsters unknown

it goes on forever dont you know?

why..? it flows out to the ends of the earth..!

anyway i’m sitting here on the steps

the world revolving around and streaking through space

although sometimes i do feel that…and wish that it was me driving it

through nebulae of glorious stars

in and out of the most pleasant cosmos

i swerve and i brake as the idiots all being dislodged and then fly  into the void

i accelerate orbit and the fools all fall away and up up up

as worlds collide on some dancefloor

and universes rupture unseen to your naked eyes

and the sea is so warm and grey and frothy

the children of the late summer gamble in her gentle waves

a fish and chip evening i guess full of simple satisfactions

relaxed and carefree yeah its easy to be













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