posted on July 26, 2008 at 9:19 pm

this pic of neuman in sydney just added
commissioned by ernst k in norway
courtesy nelg

ok thats heyday over and done with
ah…they were different times
people actually bought your music for a start
in 1986 people bought music
you could tape your mates records
if you knew how to negotiate all the malarkey
dobly on dobly off
co2 or blah blah bias….
it either hissed like a bitch
or was dull as a bastard
and then what….
they stretched n broken took ages to rewind….
so in those days
if say 30 thousand people had yer music at home
probably 27 thousand had actually paid for it
now my ipod is full of stuff i never paid for
not only that
but i make copies of more of it for friends
oh you really like the low swinging dicks….?
ok heres their other 6 albums and their first 4 e.p.s
why would you buy a record?
only if you didnt have a friend whose got it in their itunes right?
so wow
thats great
thanks marty n ricki n all the others sharing their collexions
isnt this great
i dont even go to the $10 cd store anymore
(they went broke anyway in bondi)
i just absorb my collexion by osmosis
wow!…tee hee hee
i can get anything i want in a flash…for free..
anything you can think of…
this is the life, eh…?
hang on a minute….
all my royalty cheques shrinking and shrinking
no one paying advances and stuff
and i realise
im like a pearl salesman and everyones got their own oyster..!
its a bad time to be a musician……
so hence
a la your stories
you heard starfish
you went out n bought heyday
nowadays you hear starfish
you rip heyday from somewhere else if you can
no one buys cds
if i tunes are selling a load of my stuff i aint seen it
or felt it
are you seeing my pointilism here?
i make something that most people dont pay for anymore
i look at the stats for emc on karmic hit
must be that a big most downloaded and didnt contribute
some people were generous
but most didnt bother…they just took it
i have no moral qualms with that either
i would probably do the same
especially without all the trouble of getting paypal or whatever
gosh but its making it kinda hard for people like me though
i love the technology but i hate the results (hmmmmm aint it always so?)
its wiping me out before my eyes
i already had the worst deals in the world
im already dealing with a load of disparate corps flogging my stuff
i have no idea what they sell and how much they tell me they sell
i never have and i never will
i have been ripped off blind
dudded and tricked and fucked over
cos i was young arrogant
i write the best lyrics in history but can i read a contract?
in my arrogance i thought that i’d be such a big star
that it didnt matter if they ripped me off
cos i was gonna have so much anyway
or that “god” would look after me
or that someone else in the band would read it
or that so and so was honest and actually cared
ha ha
so there you go
all those records out there
that i dreamed up
only ever getting a fraction of my due
3 companies going bankrupt n never paying a zac
and now
no one buys it anymore anyway
not to even mention my shrinking popularity
(i said not to mention it!)
i wake up and find i’m going broke
so you’ll forgive my preoccupation with money
and i’m gonna mention subscription one more time
and i’ll fucking well drop it for a while
heres the thing
i hate to see people saying on my comments
oh sk im sorry im a bit broke i couldnt donate
please my people
i dont expect you people feeling the pinch to donate
i dont expect the people who donated already to donate more
i dont expect the people who make those v.generous donations
to donate ever again….
i also know that you know
that my current state of broke-ness
is my own doing from recklessness and stupidity
so i bear all this in mind
still there is a deep undercurrent of readers
who never comment and never subscribe
and i only ask the fortunate ones among them
the ones who can afford to
not the broke ones like me
not the strugglers n dispossessed
not the artisans and minstrels
not the kiddies or pensioners
just this
if you are sitting there
on a fat wallet stuffed with euros
and you enjoy reading me
(after all i’m one of the best…if you like this kinda thing)
then take the trouble
open yer paypal account
a dollar a week….how cheap is that?
pay in advance by all means
a dollar by itself will be chewed up in commission
there you go
send me some dough
you’ll feel better
i’ll definitely feel better
and its keeping those wolves from my door
i usually spend a couple of hours a day writing these blurbs
so its eating up my time
its a labour of love
it comes from my heart
not my need to earn a crust
but that would be a nice side effect
as far as other ventures go
we are going to begin rehearsals for zoo story mk 2
up at andrew hmelnitskys new gallery up at bondi junction
bondi junction is about 2 or 3 miles up the road away from the sea
its a bustling little jumping spot with the southern hems biggest mall
andrews opening on aug 10 and im gonna sing a couple of numbers
but anyway
me and sebastian are gonna start up zoo story again
and itll be running sometime in september
hopefully we can have a good season in his intimate little space
i love to act and i’m voracious to get better
so i’m looking forward to it
i hope it makes a bitter money too
but thats not why i do it
i dont do anything for money and thats why you love me
you know you can trust that my products were not created to generate dough
i hope they do
but that doesnt come into their creation
when i write songs or paint pics
its the furthest from my mind
you know thats the truth
and you’ll feel it when you hear painkiller
or if you buy one of my paintings
talking of which
go to my painting website and check out my latest paintings
under the new magnifying feature
you can now see close up how good or bad i really am
nelg showed me my get stoned n paint video as it is so far
and jesus i think it looks really good
its got some good painting moments and some good whacky bits
nelg also gave me a nice good haircut which is a relief
when will the vid be finished?
nelg says before the end of the year…..!?
as far as painting goes
having successfully finished this 3 n a half foot by 2 n half foot
i’m going bigger n bigger
cos lets face it
size does count
and from here on in
im gonna be doing some big pics
nelg if youre reading could you email me a jpeg of this one
so i can put it on a future blog? (see above!!)
i hate talking about money
i really do
its fucken vulgar
but it seems …..
ah you know
see you soon
no more moneytalk
sk killer

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