posted on March 22, 2009 at 8:02 pm

existing on so many levels
my systems are integrated yet they remain discrete
my interfaces apprehend and interpret data
my electrics firing out the rhythm
my mechanicals obeying the beat
i eat music and spit out art
i wrestle the unknown for its secrets
i glide through the hoi polloi smoothly
like an eel cruising through ducklings
i listen to sigur ros (again!)
as i weave through the bondi crowds
behind me eve n aurora march with grim determination
with their eye-pods pumping
(getting an early start on tinnitus?)
they are very grown up for 9 years old
they half run to keep up with my manly strides
they listen to abba n hanna montana
n spice girls n sometimes even ……..
the sun is out
the sea is blue
the sea is green
the sand is soft and powdery n yellow
believe me
if youre some poor sap
lives in some bleak northern place
youre gonna think bondi beach came outta your dreams
sandwiched between 2 headland its just right
about a mile long
banners tents surfboards juice-sellers bikinis towels
balls frisbees eskies hats sun tan oil sunglasses goggles
and that holiday feeling with all them tourists
come down to see one of the best city beaches in the world
they got all brands of humanity
big n small
black n white
young n olde
geezers on the latest type of rollerskates
geezers with stupid big dogs
geezers wiv the fam who just bought everyone an icecream
geezers with other geezers
geezers on their own
geezers with saucy wives
geezers with non-saucy wives
geezers who been keeping in good shape
geezers who let em self go
geezers still green and dopey
geezers venerable n wise
geezers from italy n spain
geezers who look rich even in their undies
geezers whove copped too much sun
geezers who just wanna eat some fishnchips
geezers dragging their moth-in-law along
geezers ‘aving an argument with the non-saucy missus
geezers dressed in black jeans n leather jackets
geezers in g-strings that make them look a right ass
geezers who are tycoons with lovely watches
geezers who are the common man puffing n bawling n sipping beer
never thought i needed so many geezers
i search for a light in their eyes
sometimes you see it
someone looking back
and their eyes are saying
this is all just a show isnt it?
this aint fer real, is it?
but mostly the people
are pleasantly lost in their roles
the way that damned kilbey never could be
hes gotta question every thing in heaven n hell
i look at my daughters
eve is lost in her role
aurora looks back though
she looks back and shes there in the crowd
but shes detached as well
whereas eve is in there 100 per cent
shes marching along behind her father
shes pumping her music
shes hot n sweaty but shes enjoying herself
auroras computers have already started analyzing other things
she takes in non-important details of information
and becomes lost in her analysis
going off into day dreams about vague matters that tantalize….
the people flock to bondi
they arent out in the water as far as before the shark attack
but they are all up to their waists
a nice smorgasbord for some lazy great white pointer
(the lady next door had an red pointer once……hhmmmm)
the people the people the people
youll see everyone you know
if you stand here long enough
people fighting for a car park
people filling up on unhealthy rubbish
people hiring lockers
people renting surfboards
people buying a bondi t-shirt
the imported mexican palms sway in the delightful sea breezes
the cafes bustle over
the waiters hop about with big things of pepper
the punters guzzle booze
the skaters crack along the pavements
the rich with their fancy prams
the poor with their worn out shoes
the medium with their medium stuff
everyone has come to bondi today
i push on thru the crowds
my 2 speed walking apprentices behind me
cross over (sue) campbell parade
we make a kill bee line for home
poached pears with tahini
and an oat milk smoothie
now thats a real breakfast……

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