posted on May 24, 2011 at 8:16 pm


imagine yourself in some lonely dark city

the windows all closed and the doors painted black

nobody knows you or has heard your name as

you wander beyond these  sad afternoons

was it vancouver or wasnt it melbourne

i cant remember because of the rain

huddled in taxis we dreamed up the streets

hidden in winter we could never get warm

the calendar stopped at june 74

the electric blanket is  still switched on 2

a foil of dope with half of it gone

a copy of playboy wow look at those girls

davids guitar has got a cracked neck

the moon in the chimney blue in the black

the cars on the highway that never come back

the polite small yawn that gives it away

the day has now come and gone with the night

dont ask me for details my memories unravelling

feels like somebodys walking over my grave

we walk on the stage and the audience claps

but  alone that night we all want to cry

theres no justice in the courtroom  nor in the prison library

theres no mercy in the brothel nor in the infirmary

my mind has been hacked

david walks down the track

forever it seems forever and back





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