posted on April 25, 2007 at 8:19 am

whatta loverly day
we drove over the huge bridge connecting danmark n sverige
oh i love scanda in the spring
arrive at kb in malmo
theres marky s my olde buddy i known nearly 30 count em years
theres martin k my dear olde swedish friend
n sharers of many mis adventures
n therese whos now married…..
theres martin t who i aint seen for years n years
theres signe martys daughter
n then theres 2 certain twillipops
e n a
looking tall n slim n beootyful
(just like big daddy)
we play great
a reasonable size crowd
2 encores
joking around in swedish
the killas gusto re appeared
n i rocked rolled strolled n straddled
bomp bomp bomp went my bass
sing sing sing went my throat
a swede afterwards summed it up
“when i 1st saw you in 1986
youre were just sniffing at it…
now….you let it take you
and you give everything you have”
ah yes
well i’d like to think so
the twillies werent that impressed
but thats the twillies for ya
it was good daddy…but it gave me a headache
see…? no man is a prophet in his own family
nice club
nice place
nice people
minna minny strone came n slept here lassanite
that lazy little devil is still asleep
but i been up fer hours doing my xi gong n yoga
well i feel rejuvenated
and ready to rock again
tonite is copenhagen
a short drive away
it aint so badde really
love to veleska …hope its gonna get better
hope andys heart dont break again
hope davy mattison gets that part in nz
hope b bon is looking after the card board box
hope ryan is happy to be back
hey patty 12 string thanks for attempted jazz delivery
i appreciate it even if ya didnt get thru
today legal dope market in christiana denmark
i’ll bee there
for sure
gonna try n post pics soon

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