posted on November 9, 2006 at 7:15 pm

genius is pain and im in agony
always so misunderstood
so hard to be inclusive
i read yesterdays comments
someone uses the word apostasy…
ah you see
thats my people
thats where im at…
others write
oh dont write about the past…..
yeah thats like saying to huge hefner
oh dont print pictures of any more tits….
(especially after my declaration to probe nostalgia)
ok sunshine…how far back is “the past”
where does the present end and the future begin
did you think i was called the time being for nothing….?
how can it not be in the past?
any book you read is he did this, she said that
its rarely in the present…
actually ive experimented with that here on these black pages
writing in the present n continuous present
exploring the dilemmas it throws up
were you reading then?
i guess writing in the future is pretty hard
you will do that, he shall say that
its more projection of will than the future
oh dear
sometimes i realise im like a teacher
some of my students are totally digging the lesson
some of em are doing pretty great
some are hangin’ in there
some are confused
some maybe shoulda taken french..
you see cecilias comment
a sorta fairytale
ah you see
that tells me that cecilia knows her timebeing
i aint gonna explain that to the rest of ya
but to tell you the truth
every now n then
one of ya writes a comment
that really tickles this olde boys heart
try as hard for me as i try for you
dont go writing rude comments like do this dont do that
why should i listen to you?
this is one of the highest ratin’ space rock blogges
on this planet
why do i need your anonymous advice?
read between the lines before you react
are you missing the point?
are you forgetting the tb is olde shrewd n crafty
i was fucking about with words when a lotta ya
were still sucking teething rusks
(and god, i hate to play the wise olde manne card but….)
your comments should be elegant aphorisms
quotes from amazing songlyrics
i dont even mind a bit of comeuppance
but please please please
just use yer head before responding
i am the time being
the past is my domain
you see i have a photographic memory
you couple that with my literary devices
and my groovy hep-cat lingo
i can transport you there baby
even better than being there…!
all you gotta do is read n let yer imagination do the walkin’
or am i just being facetious?
do i really have such a high opinion of myself?
wel, yes
you see
life aint black n white
im pretty clever but im stupid too
im quite kind
but i got a hell of a nasty streak
quite cowardly for a brave man
you see
life is complicated
who am i?
who are you?
i try to let you in on my doubts n triumphs here
my losses my gains
my future my past
couldnt you see
i wassa letting ya in on my minds processes
one of my aspects dangling the potential
of richard ploogs many adventures
(which would be an amazing read)
in front of another aspects eyes
why dont you write about this?
i wasnt asking you the audience whether
i should write about him or not
he was only there as an example!
jesus wept!
if i do ever wanna write about him i will!
but obviously
if you read it
the conclusion reached
i wasnt!
you know yer minds like a muscle
flex it a little
let it jog round the block
think a little before you jump in
i never taking the obvious route here
i exploring subtle things
delicate shades
i carefully building a mythology for you
for more than a quartah of a senchurry
you cant jump in at the last moment
and say do this dont do that
sometimes my posts are vulgar….fuck!
sometimes theyre slapstick…too bad!
sometimes theyre too oblique….quill!
sometimes theyre too sad…my heart bleeds
sometimes theyre too much….dont read it then
i aint changing my course for no one
you hear me
unless theyre offering me a stacka fucking cash
cos i and my five daughters n sea snails have gotta eat…
but did you see a suggestions box on my site, mister?
i know y’all love it when i have a rant
now you thickheaded geese can write in and say
original stuff like
“cool down”, “take it easy”
or the omnipresent
dont you recognise a consummate writer
at the fucking peek of his pow-ars
you fillystein ninnies
youre getting this transmission fer free
i got words flowing outta me like a river
this is my specialty
i am deliberately bad sometimes
ha ha ha!
iam an egotistical olde wretch!
i am a bigheaded chauvinist borge-wah drip!
iam a washed up rinse dry olde rocker!
oh i wish i was bonus or michael stripe!
or both at once
michael stripey-bon-bon
or little thommy yorkie
write whatever you like…
i mean
some of you are writing lovely comments
you know it
i know it
this blogge was for you as well
so you could smirk
as you watch the cranky olde teacher
tell off the dull witted members of class
its a good feeling…..isnt it?
keep up the good work
mr garratt have you finished yer assignment
“pragmatic things to say at the end #78”?
its due by the 22nd november

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